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I have been enjoying.

All of my memories for the past 30 days of Dane's life are being stored in the scrapbook of my brain...Christmas with family, special alone time with Dev, every coo & little sound Dane makes, things that made me laugh, made me cry....all stored together in a mental time capsule of sorts.  And hopefully just like a real scrapbook, I can go back & open these memories from time to time.  As the pages of 2013 close, I am looking forward to what 2014 will bring.

Cheers to the scrapbooks in your brain.  And happy 2014.

The one with the birth story.

This might be the hardest thing I have ever had to write.  And the most beautiful.  So much has happened in just a week.  A week ago I wasn't hismomma.  I am now.  I have started this post many times, but stopped because I have been afraid I would leave out a detail, a description....anything important to his story.   I want to make sure I do him justice, do her justice.  My only hope is that if he chooses to read this one day, he will know how much he is loved.

So, here it goes.
The story of our sweet Dane's birth.

Friday night Devin & I had gone out to dinner with family and done some last minute Christmas shopping.  I remember it being pretty cold, & we held hands as we went in a few stores.  We purchased our items, grabbed our favorite Starbucks treats & headed home.  We put in our favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone, & laughed the entire time.  We recalled how fun it was to make the trip up to Chicago last year to see the actual house.  All of the scener…

14,000 things to be happy about.

Some of my friends have read this book & say it's the greatest.  Very simple - just 14,000 things to be happy about.  Randomly flip to any page and bam - instant happiness.  On the list: puppy noses, baby girl tights, melting ice cream cones, grandma kisses.  So, I decided to make a 14,000 things to be happy about (in the Fall) list.  Well, not 14,000.  More like 15.

Now, I should mention something not on the list: a bird flying in your house at 6 am.  Yes, I was getting ready for school this two weeks ago when a bird flies up the stairs, into our room & proceeds to go CRAY all over the place.  Enter hubs, in a shirt and tie, with a trash bag, trying to catch the dirty, winged creature.  Well, I guess it actually could be on the list because we both shared a good laugh.  And a gag reflex when the bird landed on our toothbrushes.

Back to the list.

1.  candy corn & peanuts.
2.  pumpkin anything.  And, I mean anything.
3.  old college sweatshirts.  & sweatpants. …

Coffee Date Friday (Sunday edition)

Hey readers (if you're still out there?!)

I'm back from a blogging hiatus!  I wish I could say I have been filling my time volunteering at the local animal shelter or catching up on politics, but no.  Really I have just had a case of writer's block, followed by daydreams of new pumpkin recipes & multiple trips to Starbucks.  Welcome, Fall.  If we were having coffee today (let's switch things up to Sunday this week!) I would tell you...

1//  It's time for the Fall Bucket List.
      Campfires, scary movies & carving pumpkins are on mine...what about you?

2//  Speaking of pumpkin...the pumpkin pie blizzard is back at DQ.
      Goodbye healthy eating; see ya after Christmas.

3//  One of my favorite sounds on the planet comes from children sounding out words.
      It's that time of year in kindergarten &

4//  Girls shopping trips are good for the soul.  Period.

5//  It's been 10 months since we said yes to His plan & decided to ado…

When you wish upon a star...or a gold chain.

6:30 am...last Thursday.  My phone rings.  BFF on the other line.  Dream about to come true:

Abs: Hello?
BFF: What are you doing?
Abs: Driving to school.
BFF: What concert would we absolutely die to go to?!
Abs: Nelly. (doy)
BFF: BINGO!  He's going to be Indy this weekend & you and I are going!
Abs: (scream), OK!  Details?! When? Where? How? (trying to keep the car on the road)

Let's back up.  If you know me at all, then you know that I: don't ever put caps on water bottles, I could live off Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee & I was born a gangsta.

Nelly encompasses my college career.  Getting ready to go out Friday night?  Blast Ride Wit Me.  In the car with 10 girls to hit up the $1 tanning bed in town?  Crank up Country Grammar.    Shoe shopping?  Air Force Ones for motivation.  I love my St. Louis boy.

Saturday came fast, along with two VIP tickets (thanks, Adrienne), aviator sunglasses & the most ghetto hat I could find.  He, along with Chingy & Murphy Lee put …

Those girls.

I wish I had a lot of things.  Like the ability to snap my fingers & be anywhere in the world, an unlimited supply of Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee & Halle Berry's body.  Without working out or eating healthy, of course.

I don't have to wish for great friendships though, because I have those.  And I am forever blessed.  In college, I joined a sorority freshman year.  LIOB to my Phi Mu sistas.  Sorority life was fab-u-lous, and I know there are a lot of haters out there.  Haters can hate...but who doesn't love sharing closets with 30+ girls, having your BFF on call 24/7 & getting your meals cooked for you every day?  But in between the weekly chapter meetings, fraternity pranks & karaoke on Friday nights, true friendships were formed.  And since my college days, I have formed other true friendships through work, church, my neighborhood & even from this little blog.  What can I say, friends rule.

True friendship requires time.  And, I am the first to ad…

Coffee Date Friday

If we were having coffee this week, I would tell you...
* I am have a girls dinner tonight with 4 of my sorority besties.  I know sororities get a bad rap.   More on that topic next week.  
* This week's obsessions have included watermelon & mango.   Never had a mango until about 3 weeks ago.  Big mistake.  Huge.
* I had brunch with my mama this week.   The combination of a victorian house, iced tea with lemon & a window seat is good for the soul.
* School is drawing me back in.  So, I recruited 4 previous Carter kids to help with classroom prepping.     Otherwise known as the best idea ever.
* DC got a new job as an administrator & I am over the moon proud of him.   I am also over the moon excited that I will get to call him Mr. Belding for the rest of his life.

What 5 things would you share if we had coffee?
Happy weekend to you!  Hope your to-do list is as full as this one. 


Happy 33rd to this super special guy.

In honor of his birthday, here are 10 things you might not know about him: 
(**please note that whenever I mention him on the blog, he mumbles something about having not signed a waiver to have his information/stories, etc. on the web.  Once a teacher, always a teacher.  And no, he has not signed a waiver for this post either.**)
In no particular order...
His favorite Friends character is Ross.  Yes, I said Ross.He always does our laundry on Sundays & gets very bent out of shape if something interferes with this routine. He is not a picky eater, except for jelly & hot fruit.  So, keep the cobbler FAR away.If he was stranded on an island with only one food & one drink, it would be steak with A1 & diet mountain dew.Going to a World Series game & being in a car chase are on his Bucket List.He knows more sports trivia than any other person on the planet.  So, if you are being asked to walk the plank over shark infested waters & …


Well wishes & big hugs from family & friends.
Mounds of tissue paper.
Buttery soft onesies & fuzzy blankets.
Frosted cupcakes & chocolate dipped Oreos.
Advice from seasoned mamas.
Smiles.  Love.
These details have filled my time the last two weekends.

My Step-Mom & future sister-in-law threw my first baby shower two weeks ago & it was perfect.  These amazing ladies went all out from trail mix-filled baby food jars, to a decorated diaper station.  The house was laced with baby pictures of my family growing up & included a very special of DC & I on the day we officially started the adoption process.  It's the little details that mean so much.  I came home with a car load of baby gifts & feelings of love for this little one who I haven't even met yet.

This past weekend I was once again blessed with another shower thrown by two of my closest college girlfriends.  Almost ten years since graduation (ugh, that is literally painful to type), and a…