Friday, April 19

CDF (coffee date friday)

If we had coffee today, I would tell you these 5 things...

* three of my dear college girlfriends launched a fabulous website on what it means to be a whole woman. Check it out....its full of life.  I was honored to be their first guest writer.  LIOB, ladies!

* I went to the gym for a class this week & was the only person who showed up.  Which meant an hour of pure misery free personal training.   The instructor is 6 months pregnant, with Jillian Michael's body (are you getting a visual?)  Insane.  If that didn't motivate me to hold my plank a little longer, I don't know what will.  

* I love flowers & would happy to get some delivered every week for the rest of my life.  I don't care that they eventually die.  They make me smile. 

* our kindergarten class pet, Jake The Tadpole, went to pond Heaven this week.  I got to school in the morning & he was belly up.  After avoiding eye contact with the kids for as long as I could, I finally had to break the news.  The gasps lasted for a solid minute.  Heartbreaking.  If you happen to be out in a creek this weekend & could snag a new Taddy for me, that would be great.   

* today is my 31st birthday.  I get to be queen for the day forever.   Even though 31 sounds uneventful, I am super excited for what is in store for me this year.  Hopefully it will involve snuggling a person that is 2 ft tall.   And big, fluffy cupcakes.

What 5 things would you tell me if we had coffee?



    Thanks for the shout-out, Abs. And thanks again for a fabulous guest post! So here's what I'd share over coffee today:

    1. I'm coming home the last two weeks of July. Mark your calendar!
    2. My girlfriend is coming over tonight and I'm making CCK's mocha chocolate cake.
    3. I went to bed at 7:30 last night and it felt glorious. (Get all the sleep while you can now, girlfriend.)
    4. You'll be proud of me - I've been reading about five or six books/day to Mitchell. Sandra Boynton books are definitely our faves!
    5. My current TV obsessions are Mad Men and Amazing Race. What are yours?

    1. THANKS, Pat! It's been a good day! Loved our coffee chat. My heart skipped a beat for #4. That really is SO good! Have you seen this list?

      I agree with EVERY single book on there...I have them all. My all time favorite is Corduroy. Let me know how the mocha chocolate cake is...that sounds fab. I am so excited for real coffee & healthy dinner dates when you move BACK!

      My current tv obsessions are still anything reality-tv wise. Trashy, I know. But it's so refreshing sometimes to just sit and veg out...and not have to think. I need to get on the Mad Men bandwagon though!

      XOXO, trisha!

    2. Thanks for the list. I'll start making my way down the list - starting with the board books of course since he mainly likes to eat his books right now. Mad Men is basically just another form of trash TV, but it's super compelling!

  2. The thought of a weekly coffee date with you girls could possibly make me cry this morning! I would share these things: 1. My brother has moved to Maui! 2. I'm on a week-long goal of writing in my journal everyday this week. 3. I'm on spring break and am planning to redo one of our bathrooms. 4. I'm having lots of fun with our new blog! Thanks for the shout-out, Abigail :) 5. We had pizza and movie night on Friday, and watched Brave. Pixar-type movies have become some of my favs! Especially Toy Story 3, Tangled, Rio, and Ice Age. I wonder what this says about me...
    This has been fun!

    1. Yay, coffee chat Sara! I can't believe your bro moved to Maui - why? His job? You better book your flight for a visit there SOON! That place is nothing short of paradise. I love that you journal. Do you do it at a particular time of day? I feel like I have tried to start it several times, and could just never find my niche. Pixar movies are fab! I find myself watching them because my kids at school talk about them a lot & I need to be up to date on their little worlds. I LOVED Tangled...definitely shed a few tears during it! Can't wait for our next chat! :)

  3. Okay, 1) I would be drinking diet coke on our coffee date, not coffee:) Preferably fountain diet coke:) 2) Being away from family and friends is tough:( 3) We watched 2 movies this weekend, Skyfall and Django Unchained, thank you Redbox for cheap rentals 4) I love being outside with all my guys. It definitely helps to expend some of the endless energy of 3 and 4 year old boys, and 32 year old boys:) 5) Tonight is Amazing Race! That was fun! Can't wait to see you in person for a real date:)

    1. I thought you were a coffee drinker, Rene?? I love diet coke too so I could have that as well. ;) Did you like Django Unchained?? We were thinking about renting it, but I feel like Quenton Tarantino is so weird?!? I need to get outside guys are always so good at doing that. Do you go to the park or just play in the yard? Hope the Amazing Race was good!!!

    2. Django was entertaining overall, kind of weird and pretty gory. I do occasionally have a morning coffee, but totally prefer Diet Coke, especially fountain diet coke. Here on the east coast, McDonalds does not have $1 large fountain drinks, so depressing! We don't have a yard at our condo, but live across from a park and big open grassy area. The boys are really into Frisbee right now and football. Soccer starts for Tristan on Saturday. The boys also love bike rides, they both have the Strider balance bikes, adorable. I will send you a pic sometime of them riding, so cute! Amazing Race was great as usual:) Love ya!

  4. If we were to meet for coffee:
    1)I would have a half cut tea (half sweet/half un) w/ a lemon.
    2) Tuesday night I took "Skyrobics" at Skyzone and had a BLAST! Will go again--you should come with me.
    3) It has been 111 days since I have had any sweets. My desire for sweets is pretty much nonexsistent.
    4) Is looking forward to summer--for our Disney vacation and for trips to the pool.
    5) Is striving to become a better mom--all with God's help

    1. Your tea sounds fab, Dawn! I am SO in for skyrobics...when & how much?!? Sounds right up my alley. 111 days with NO sweets? Not a muffin, cinnamon roll or piece of candy? Wow - you go girl. I bet your desire is totally gone. I have cut down on them A LOT and I notice a huge difference...I feel better and don't crave sugar like I used to! Yay, Disney! When are you going? I am already praying for God's help in mothering...I am so worried about it. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Hi Abigail! Just hopped over to your blog and love this post! YEAH for one on one time with the personal trainer! Hope you had a GREAT birthday on Friday (and celebrated all weekend!) and enjoyed that cupcake! Can't wait to look around your blog some more!

    1. hey sarah! Thank you so much - you're the sweetest! Just checked out your adorable blog..LOVE it! I will definitely be following you as well! Hope you are having a great week! You should do a CDF post too and link up! ;)


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