Thursday, April 11


Happy Spring, everyone!

I hope you enjoyed some guest posting last week.
Thanks to Jenni, Max & Kelly for helping me out!
Stay tuned for a re-cap on my "cation" to the beach (as my uber-adorable nephew called it!).

In the Carter house, Spring means grilling out, bike rides in the neighborhood & open windows.  Which one is the lie?  Open windows.  I hate light & even in the middle of summer, you will find me with all of the shades drawn hiding within my gray & brown walls.

Less light = less my wrinkles will show.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

During Winter Break, I decided it would be fun to make a Christmas Bucket List  And, success!  We completed everything.  Now, sleeping next to the fire & staying in our PJs were both completed while we were sicker than a dog with the flu, but nonetheless...still completed.

Now that spring is here, I thought we could rekindle the bucket list - spring style!
I came up with five, & Dev came up with five.

What things would you add to your Spring Bucket List?

And look what $3 at Kroger can buy you...instant Spring.

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