Sunday, December 2

kickin' the Christmas bucket

Heeeyyy December!

Its been awhile since I updated the 'ol blog. Sorry readers (or reader)...I have no idea who looks at this thing.

I've been busy putting up my one tree. And by one, I mean four.

Even our ball of fur has her own tree...complete with ornaments given to her by her grandparents. I can't wait to see what they do when they have grandkids that walk on two legs instead of four.

Also keeping me busy is this: a fun new December project...our Christmas Bucket List!

I have seen these floating around online that are seasonal related, so I decided to be a little different & make a Christmas one. All you have to do is:

*find a cute template online
*discuss ideas with your significant other and/or kids
*change or delete ideas from your significant other that you don't like (sorry, Dev)
*type in your list
*scramble around for an old frame to use
*complete the list!

I am most excited about driving to the Home Alone house in Chicago. I have been obsessed with this house since I first heard the name Kevin McCallister.

Dev is really excited about sleeping by the fire. Not. He has already declared that it must be on the coldest night in December. We'll see how long he lasts.

May your week be Merry & Bright...and full of sparkle.

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