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Welcome to Holland.

Most of you know that Devin & I are in the process of adopting a baby.  While I don't really want this blog to start chronicling every detail of the process, it is a HUGE part of our lives right now.  Leaving it off wouldn't seem right.  Kind of like Zack without Kelly.  Or chocolate without peanut butter.  McDonald's without their amazing diet coke.  Therefore...proceed with caution in this post.

We had to attend an adoption class last week as a part of our homestudy.  I haven't had to go to a class since college.  So... Let's go back 10 years & discuss what class was like for D&A in college.  Being that we were both education majors, we had some overlapping classes.  Picture this:

Dev: Arrives to class 10 minutes early.
Abs: Arrives 10 minutes late.

Dev: Wears jeans, & a freshly ironed shirt.
Abs: Wears sweatpants & whatever shirt may have been on the floor.  50/50 chance for make-up.

Dev: Supplies on the table: Leather bound notebook, pens in ever…

CDF (coffee date friday)

If we had coffee today, I would tell you these 5 things...
* three of my dear college girlfriends launched a fabulous website on what it means to be a whole woman. Check it out....its full of life.  I was honored to be their first guest writer.  LIOB, ladies!
* I went to the gym for a class this week & was the only person who showed up.  Which meant an hour of pure misery free personal training.   The instructor is 6 months pregnant, with Jillian Michael's body (are you getting a visual?)  Insane.  If that didn't motivate me to hold my plank a little longer, I don't know what will.  
* I love flowers & would happy to get some delivered every week for the rest of my life.  I don't care that they eventually die.  They make me smile. 
* our kindergarten class pet, Jake The Tadpole, went to pond Heaven this week.  I got to school in the morning & he was belly up.  After avoiding eye contact with the kids for as long as I could, I finally had to break the news. …


"We're going on cation" as my sweet nephew called it.

Otherwise known as Spring Break to a 3-year old.  The sand is brighter when looked at through the eyes of a little boy.  The ocean is bigger.  The waves louder.  The smell...that's the same though.   There is nothing quite like the smell of a sea breeze.  Throw in some dead fish after a storm though, aaaaannd not as nice.  You win some, you lose some.

Here are some of my favorites from the week.  Dinners out, dinners in, glorious seafood, twin tots, game night, Easter Sunday.  And, the beach.  I'll see you next year.  That's a promise.

Behold.  The cream of the crop.  Two screaming kids, one that looks like Michael Jackson, and two adoptive parents-to-be.  It's enough to make our social worker crumple up her report, toss her clipboard & run for the hills.  (please don't!)  We really are good with kids.
Just not when they are hungry & ready to leave the house.

Let's not forget my inst…


Happy Spring, everyone!

I hope you enjoyed some guest posting last week.
Thanks to Jenni, Max & Kelly for helping me out!
Stay tuned for a re-cap on my "cation" to the beach (as my uber-adorable nephew called it!).

In the Carter house, Spring means grilling out, bike rides in the neighborhood & open windows.  Which one is the lie?  Open windows.  I hate light & even in the middle of summer, you will find me with all of the shades drawn hiding within my gray & brown walls.

Less light = less my wrinkles will show.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

During Winter Break, I decided it would be fun to make a Christmas Bucket List  And, success!  We completed everything.  Now, sleeping next to the fire & staying in our PJs were both completed while we were sicker than a dog with the flu, but nonetheless...still completed.

Now that spring is here, I thought we could rekindle the bucket list - spring style!
I came up with five, & Dev came up with five.

What things …

GUEST POST: What does this button do?!

Hey there! Happy Friday! :)

My name is Kelly, and I'm a wife, momma, and photographer. I blog over at Life at 319.

Abigail asked me to blog some tip for photographing your children, so that's exactly what I'm going to do!

A little background info: When I first got my "nice camera" I had absolutely no intention on turning my hobby into a business. I bought an DSLR camera just to learn how to take better photos, and had high hopes of figuring it out before I had kids. After all, what momma doesn't want to take a million photos of her kid?! Anyways, just a few months later I found out I was pregnant with my son. Once he was born, my love for photography took off. For the most part, I'm self taught. It was a lot of trial and error, and my son was always my subject, much to his dismay. I kept testing out different settings, and just figuring things out. After a while some friend started asking me to photograph their kids, and it just kind of sno…

GUEST POST: M is for Maxine

Hi! I'm Maxine and I write about random nonsense over at MAXOUT.

You can call me Max though.

When Abigail asked me to guest blog I immediately responded "A is for Absolutely!"

This girl is fun and stylish! but I don't know why I'm telling you, you obviously know how A is for Awesome she is.

Side story: when I first started following her, I thought the "abs" was "6 pack abs." Thankfully it wasn't because that would've been weird.

Since A is for Abs, I thought I would do a M is for Maxine today. Original. I know. But follow me here, I may be on to something...

M is for million. No, sadly, I'm not a millionaire. However my name goes perfectly with it. Max-a-million or maximillion, I never understood the different spellings. I always thought the A looked better. Million has made my life so much easier. I used it in every class officer election in middle and high school and it's given people a name to call me other than maxi.... ahe…

Guest Post...SPRING BREAK 2013!