Sunday, March 24

The beach.

Before DC & I were married we talked about a lot of things.  Where we would live, how many kids we wanted, where we saw our careers going, who was going to do the dishes (me), who was going to do the laundry (him), who was going to take out the trash (him), who was going to do the chores (him).  Hmmm...seeing some inbalance in our decisions.  Oh well, it seems to be working.

Besides all of the basic requests (unconditional love, trustworthiness, loyalty, you know the rest....) I made only one request.

I must see The Beach every year.  No exceptions.  He knew I was dead serious.

We have been married for 7 years, & the deal still stands.

There is just something about The Beach.  Maybe it's the waves, the sounds of children playing in the sand, the SUN (definitely the sun), or just the soothing wind,  but there is nothing else on earth like it.  I immediately feel at peace the minute my toes hit the sand.  Now, if I have to also drag a chair, cooler, a huge beach bag, snacks & magazines I might feel less at peace...but still - definitely peace.

I have a lot of wonderful childhood memories of going to The Beach, & I hope my children will share this same love one day as well.  If not, I will be leaving them with the grandparents while I go enjoy this love by myself.  Thanks, Mom & Dad.

 Devin & I have been extremely fortunate to do a lot of traveling these past 7 years, & below are some of our all-time favorite beaches.

Two weeks in Hawaii will cause you to do a lot of things: think you are a surfer, go broke from spending $10 on a gallon of milk, & call the education department in Hawaii to find out how much teachers make so you can move there.  Because the beaches are breathtaking.  Anyplace that has a mountain growing out of the side is going to be preeeeetty cool.  I cried for a week when we came back.

Cabo San Lucas.  The site of my surprise 30th birthday trip.  Also the land of gorgeous beaches, flowing margaritas & homemade chips & salsa served for every meal.  Not kidding.  It was a Mexican dream come true.  Although this photo is amazingly beautiful, the stench the sea lions gave off from the nearby rocks was not.  But, they were cute so I forgive them.

No, your eyes aren't seeing imaginary things.  That is a 747 flying 20 feet over civilians at a beach.  This day will go down in Abs history as one of the coolest days ever.  And the hottest.  Airport Beach is in the island of St. Maarten and is literally attached to a runway.  The neighboring bar has the incoming flights posted for the day, & you can lay out, eat, drink & be merry all day.  And that we did.  And we fried our poor skin at the same time.  But, there was just no time for sunscreen when jets are blasting over you.  Watch this video, & go put this beach on your Life List immediately.

This week I am packing for yet another trip to The Beach.  Destin, Florida will be welcoming D&A, along with my in-laws.  Get ready, Destin.  Because I will be hitting up Wings for a shark tooth necklace, stuffing myself with crab legs & parking myself here with my one & only.

Have a great week, beach lovers.  

PS...I'm looking for a fun guest blogger to post something springy when I'm gone.
Email if you are interested!

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