Saturday, March 9

What's in my bag?

Tonight's conversation:
Dev: Are you ready to go to Lowe's yet?
Abs: No, I'm working on a controversial blog post.
Dev: Umm....on what?  (thinking...pretty please don't let it be on your views relating to politics, the death penalty or education.) 
Abs: What's in my bag.
Dev: (sigh of relief)

Spring is coming.  That means flowers, sunshine, Reese eggs, Easter baskets, Reese eggs & bright colors.  Which means time to change out the bag.  Goodbye black, gray & brown.   Hello pink, purple & white.
Don't worry, black, gray, & brown.  My house & closet are filled with aren't going far.

Ready, set...dump.

Organize & number the dump.

1. Bubblemint gum.  I keep this company in bizzznass.

2.    Erin Condren Planner.  AKA my third arm.  Given to me by this cute FSIL.

  That is code for Future Sister in Law.  If my brother doesn't ask her to marry him soon, then I will just do it for him.  She is so pretty & fun & I am insanely jealous of her.
But, she is nice to my brother, & she gives me presents so I like her again.
 If you want to know more about the goober cute boy she is with..check out this post.

3.  Coupon & cash holder.  Target dollar bin.  Holla. 

4.  Perfume.  Minus the caps.  I don't use them.  Refer to this if you need more information.

5.  Wallet.  Boring, I know.

6.  Pens.  10 of 'em.  They kept coming out of my bag like a flippin' clown car.
 I really have no explanation for this many pens.

7.  Goodie Bag.  Anything and everything...make-up, snacks, tissues, necessities.

8.  Gold coins.  Always in your bag, right?
I picked these up for my kdg kids to have on St. Patty's day.

9.  Deodorant.  I used to forget to put it on in the morning before school, so I figured if it is always in my bag I can't ever forget it.  Maybe I can put the dishes in my bag too for when I "forget to do them."

10.  Journal.  I always have a notebook of some sort in my bag to make lists, jot down notes or things that I like or hear on the radio.  I also carry two pictures with me at all friends & my love in college.  I figured that if I die in a car wreck, at least I would have had them with me.
Sorry, Mom.  I know it's morbid.

11.  Phone.  Last, but definitely not least.  I sleep with it next to my head.

And there you have it.  What three cool things are in your bag?
Happy early St. Patty's day to you!  Go get some gold coins & make Skinnytaste's Shamrock Shake.

 It will make you happy.

Don't forget the sprinkles & the fun straw.


  1. I love your photos! My purse would be a hot mess! By the way, I loved your truths and lie on the Life of Bon. I don't read the newspaper either. It's too sad what goes on in the world. Anyway, can't wait to read more of your blog.


    1. hey talisha!'re so sweet! glad there is someone else out there that is a newspaper hater like me! ;) have a great weekend!!


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