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one. & the birth story re-posted.

The past 365 days have been nothing but pure joy.  Even looking back to those up-all-night, no sleep-no shower-days...I loved them all.  I had hopes to post so much this year...but #instagramatemyblog.  So yeah.  I couldn't top this post anyway.  I still catch Devin reading it from time to time.  Dane's birthmother emailed me the other day with a "thinking of you" type of email as we were getting closer to the big O-N-E & the most memorable part was "...I will always remember 11/30 as the day this precious boy was brought to this earth to be YOUR SON - not mine."  Wow.  If that doesn't give me chills, nothing will.

I hope if nothing else, Dane's birth story will give people a different perspective on adoption. 

It's definitely changed our lives for the better.


This might be the hardest thing I have ever had to write.  And the most beautiful.  So much has happened in just a week.  A week ago I wasn't hismomma.  I am now.  I h…

Monday Meals...Sweet Onion Salsa

Mexican food is like a love language for me.  It's no surprise if we have Mexican 3-4 times a week.  So enjoy my favorite homemade sweet onion salsa - perfect over eggs, chicken, in tacos, fajitas - or just with a spoon.  :)

Sweet Onion Salsa (adapted from Infarrantly Creative)

Shopping List * 1 can diced tomatoes or 1.5 cups fresh * HUGE handful of cilantro (I always end up adding more too!) * 1/2 small sweet onion, diced * 1 T apple cider vinegar * 1 T honey or other sweetener of choice  * 1 heaping teaspoon minced garlic * 1/4 heaping teaspoon cumin * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 1 jalapeno slice - or more based on taste!
* Measure all ingredients EXCEPT for tomatoes directly in blender.  Blend until chopped.  Next, add tomatoes and pulse a few times.  I like mine chunky, but blend to your liking.  Add more salt, jalapeno, tomatoes, or sweetener to taste!  Put in an airtight container and refrigerate.   Bets are it will be gone in 2 days flat.  OLE!  

Coffee Date Friday

TGIF internet friends!
If we were meeting for coffee today, I would tell you these 5 things.

* One of my summer goals was to read 2 books each month - check!  I almost forgot how much I like to read.  So relaxing.  What new books would you recommend?
* I have been obsessed with watching American Ninja Warrior.  Quite different from The Bachelor, Real Housewives, Teen Mom genre I am used to.  My hands sweat for every competitor though.
*  Dane will be 9 months old at the end of August.  I have started purchasing small things here & there for his first birthday party.  I told Devin to go ahead and throw out the words "low-key, small, or simple."  #sorrynotsorry
*  I joined a Moms Playgroup last month & am having a lot of fun so far!  I am looking forward to apple orchard dates, pumpkin patch trips, & Mom's Night Outs with some new friends!
*  Peapod + Abigail = besties.  I placed my first grocery order today & can't wait for the delivery tomorrow!  What…

Monday Meals...Crockpot Buffalo Chicken

Happy Monday!

Need a quick Monday dinner?  Try my Crockpot Buffalo Chicken!  It's simple, fast, & perfect for a busy Monday night.  ENJOY!

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken
Shopping list: 1 lb boneless/skinless chicken breasts 1/2 packet of Ranch seasoning (or make your own) 2 cans fat-free chicken broth 1 small onion, chopped  Frank's Hot Sauce (to taste) pepper to taste 
Combine first 4 ingredients in your crock pot and cook on high for 4 hrs or low for 6-8.  Once chicken is cooked through, take out and shred.  Stir in Frank's & put back in (drain a little liquid if needed).  Serve on whole grain buns, lettuce wraps or on a salad - my fave!  You can also top with Ranch, Bleu Cheese and/or Sharp Cheddar.  I think plain is just as good!

Pure Michigan.

Disclaimer: I know "Pure Michigan" is the most cliche, George Clooney-narrated, overdone title in history.  But, it's true.  Michigan is just that.  Pure.

The hubs & I decided to plan a quick 4-day family getaway this summer.  Disney?  Dane's too young.  Mount Rushmore?  Too far.  Paris?  In your dreams.  Michigan?  That sounded just about right.  My sister & brother-in-law lived in Michigan for several years and told stories of the beautiful beaches, scenery, & quaint towns that made up Michigan's coast.  We traveled to South Haven a few years ago with Devin's family & it was just that.  Quiet, quaint & just pretty.  After a little research and advice from Devin's sister, we found an adorable condo in Holland, Michigan.  Who needs Paris when you have a beach, wooden shoes & cute coffee shops just down the road?  The trip was booked & the packing started.  Anybody with small children can chime in an "Amen" out there. …

He has your smile.

This week we have been celebrating my mom's retirement, the end of the school year & the start of summer.  Flowers have been planted, birds are chirping, porches being used again.  Its time to break out the Summer Bucket List.  Always on that list: a drive-in movie, making s'mores, & playing tennis at the park.  I'm looking forward to adding new things to the list as well.

My sweet, sweet baby is 6 months old today.  6 months.  Half a year.  You can find me in the corner crying.  I know every parent says it.  People have told me.  They still tell goes by so fast.  And it does.  The past 6 months have been nothing but pure joy.  It literally feels like yesterday that we were waking up to my phone ringing at 6 am.Dane's birthmother in labor.  The mad dash to get to the hospital.  I can't even wash the sweats I wore that day.  Immeasurable happiness, yet so much pain wrapped up together in those sweats.  It sounds silly, I know.  I still replay the ho…

hello, monday.

Hello, Monday.

Hello crib smiles.  The best part of my everyday.

Hello coffee.  And hello a second cup, too.

Hello organized, clean bottles.  A reminder of how wonderful my husband is, and a reminder that a baby still lives here.

Hello Mother's Day gifts.

Hello brother's wedding invitation.  Still proudly displayed on the refrigerator, even though the wedding was over a week ago.

Hello morning top-knots.  Which will be afternoon & evening top-knot as well.

Not pictured: Hello DWTS finale & hello Bachelorette.  I'm more excited about this than I probably should be.

What are you saying hello to today?

Hit the road Jack...

It's been over two weeks since we came back from our beach trip - eek!  I'm behind.  I'll blame the 2ft person I take care of everyday.  Just kidding - he is a precious earth angel & the best part of my day is going in his room to see his smiling face.

Devin & I love road trips.  I think its fun to pack up & hit the road loaded down with snacks, a good playlist & some fun conversations.  Last year we took the same trip to Destin, Florida with his parents, sisters & their families.  Tips for a successful road trip according to me are: a fun scavenger hunt, lots of snacks & drinks (both healthy & junk...come on, it's vaca!) & a fun playlist.  For the scavenger hunt....look here.  I made a similar one up last year and just added to it this year.   You can play with any number of people.  Each person takes the same sheet, when you find the item yell it out & at least one other person has to verify.  Then, write your initials in the blank…

Coffee Date Friday

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you these five things...

* The hubs, baby & I had a fantastic trip to Florida last week.  However, gone are the days of not moving all day from your beach towel in the sand .  Babies cramp that style.  Post on that soon!

*  Dane is rolling over, shrieking, laughing & just overall doing things to add to the Cutest Boy Ever mental scrapbook in my brain.

*  My baby brother is getting married in less than a month.  It's time for Dane to have some Vestile cousins.

* My new favorite show is Resurrection...mysterious, impossible to ever happen, & starring Omar Epps.  What more could you ask for?

* I am saying goodbye to this special lady this weekend.  My Mamaw.  The woman who taught me how to make an apple pie from scratch, whom I could listen to for hours, and whose marriage advice was simply "always tell the truth."  She was married for over 60 years.  I'de say that was pretty good advice.  I'm so glad she w…