Friday, August 15

Coffee Date Friday

TGIF internet friends!
If we were meeting for coffee today, I would tell you these 5 things.

* One of my summer goals was to read 2 books each month - check!  I almost forgot how much I like to read.  So relaxing.  What new books would you recommend?

* I have been obsessed with watching American Ninja Warrior.  Quite different from The Bachelor, Real Housewives, Teen Mom genre I am used to.  My hands sweat for every competitor though.

*  Dane will be 9 months old at the end of August.  I have started purchasing small things here & there for his first birthday party.  I told Devin to go ahead and throw out the words "low-key, small, or simple."  #sorrynotsorry

*  I joined a Moms Playgroup last month & am having a lot of fun so far!  I am looking forward to apple orchard dates, pumpkin patch trips, & Mom's Night Outs with some new friends!

*  Peapod + Abigail = besties.  I placed my first grocery order today & can't wait for the delivery tomorrow!  What should I do with all of my extra time?  
Oh yeah, American Ninja Warrior.  #kidding #sortof

Have a happy weekend!

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