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Ten ways...& a new blog design!

Hey peeps!
I got a new blog design...hooray! Thanks to Lindsey at Designer Blogs for this cute new look. I stumbled upon her website one night & her designs are incredible & super fun!

Something else I stumbled upon one night...THIS.

Do you agree? I do, with everything except #10. I haven't joined the pinterest world yet (gasp!). I hear that people are just obsessed with it, and I really like to be obsessed with things. Like the Twilight books, OPI nail polish, wearing the same Phi Mu sweatshirt to bed every night, or my latest obsession - coconut flavored coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. Like whoa. Good thing it doesn't have any calories or I would be in T-R-O-U-B-L-E. But pinterest? It hasn't been written in my obsession book yet. If I want to know how to do or make something, I just search online. So, someone show me your pinterest secrets so I can become obsessed too!

Use one of these ten ways & make your day GREAT & your Labor Day weekend…

How to have a date night in.

Enter a drawing for a free dinner cooked by a personal chef.

Win the drawing.

Come home from the gym (hot pink tennis shoes required).

Poor some wine.

Light some candles.

Add in jazz.

Watch him cook.


clean your plate.
end it with this.

Happy almost Friday, date nighters.
Thursday nights are the best. And Friday nights.
And all summer nights.
~ abs

I'm the last person on earth...

still burning cds.

Crazy confession, I know. I love music...all types. On the way to school at 6:00 in the morning, I like mellow peeps: John Mayer, The Fray, the occasional Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson. When I get to school it's my jazz friends: Michael Buble (also a Christmas must), my boy bands, and MJ. After school, my playas come out: Nelly, Jay-Z, Snoop, Britney...and MJ. Notice anything in common? MJ. RIP, MJ. His music is perfect for any mood you might be in. Need a calm, soothing song? Man in the Mirror. Something fun? Beat It. In the mood for love? I just can't stop loving you. Ahhh MJ, how I miss you. I loved you for years. I was in Florida vacationing when I heard the fateful news. My phone immediately started blowing up with texts from friends & family saying how sorry they were for me. I've got some fierce friends. I locked myself in our condo bedroom, cried, and then had a proper service for him at sea. Followed by a week of wearing…

I like nice people.

HAPPY almost Friday! Don't you just love waking up on Friday mornings? I do! You have the whole weekend of ahead of you, more pep in your step, a bigger you're ready to take on the world!

I love Fridays. And nice people. Which is what I am trying to be more of...nice. This summer, I did a weekly "bucket list" of 3-4 things I wanted to accomplish each week. They were simple & fun, my kind of list. A couple of things that made the mini-bucket list cut: go on a date-night bike ride, try a new recipe every night, call my grandparents, make a stranger happy.

My favorite "make a stranger happy" project was making these gas station tags on our road trip to Florida. I got the idea from one of my favorite blogger's of ALL time...Kelle Hampton. She is an amazing, positive person, & just an incredible lover of life.
Every time we stopped for gas, I tied one of these babies on. Easy & fun.

Here are few more things that are …

Dear Hanover,

Dear Hanover College,
You are pretty. You are small. And, you are pretty small. But, even though your campus was only about a mile long,
I still drove to class everyday.

Dear Hanover College President,
Thank you for letting me park at your house when I couldn't find a spot. Wait, you didn't know I parked there?
Maybe my 1997 Acura blended in too well, then.

Dear Hanover College,
Thank you for giving me this boy.
And this girl.
And these girls.

Thank you for introducing me to theme parties, because there was nothing else to do on campus.
I like to live my life by theme now, Hanover.

Thank you for teaching me to be a teacher. I love teaching, Hanover.

Thank you for teaching me to dance, Hanover.
Oh, nevermind...I learned how to dance a long time ago.

I wish I could go back for just one more day, Hanover.
Or four more years.
~ abs

kiss the cook

I know I said earlier that I was going to post about this dude next...but I'm not quite done with it yet.
It's kind of hard to sum up 13 years of fun in one post.

On to one of my newest loves though - healthy cooking. I never thought we would go together, but we kinda do & I like it. In college, every Sunday was Big Mac Sunday. My friends & I would wake up early, and head to the golden arches for Big Macs, fries, and cokes. EVERY Sunday. Then, we would be complete slugs all day long. I wonder why. So, sorry McDonald's...I've moved on. I won't come visit for Big Macs anymore. Well, maybe once a year. Your special sauce is so good. But, I will still visit you every week for a diet coke, in a foam cup, with extra ice.
Thanks, McDonald's.

I've always considered myself a leader (see previous post), but I'm a follower too. The latest shoe fashion...I have to have a pair. A popular reality tv's on my DVR. And lately, …

mrs. carter...& my home away from home tour.

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a teacher. Well, for a short time - a dolphin trainer/marine biologist too. Just like every other little girl in America. But, that was only for a short time, folks. When my friends were out riding their bikes, I was making my brother play school. I couldn't have ridden a bike anyway...I didn't learn how to until 6th grade (another post for another day). When my friends were getting Barbie Dreamhouses for Christmas, I was getting a real teacher desk and gradebook. The obsession started early.

This pretty lady is my mom. She is on her 33rd or 34th year (sorry Mom, can't remember the exact year) of teaching special education. Um, can you say - free ticket into Heaven? Now, I know that can't happen, but if it did she would be first in line. She is an AMAZING teacher. And, hopefully the teacher genes passed on to me.

When I was first hired, I couldn't believe that I was in charge of teaching these little 5 y…


5878...where I live. We moved from 4132 last year. It was a great house & we had a lot of happy times there, but we wanted something roomier for adding Carter kids into the mix someday. We said goodbye to 4132 a year ago, and 5878 is starting to feel like home now. Lots of pictures, candles, comfy couches & huge beds help. Definitely huge beds. Best money we ever spent, in my opinion.
It's fun to sleep in different zip codes!

Now, let me tell you a story about my first week at 5878. It was a hot summer day last July & I was on my way to our new neighborhood pool. I live for pools. And good deals at TJ Maxx. I stepped outside quickly (in my bikini, I was in a hurry) to let Libby go to the bathroom. The door locked behind me. Instant panic. No one was around, I had no key, no garage door opener...nothing. And, I'm still in my bikini, barefoot, with a black ball of fur running around crazy because now she is hot. After standing frozen in panic for 1…