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see ya, 2012.

Happy almost 2013!

For the past three years, my New Year's Resolution has been the same. Clean more? No. Volunteer somewhere? No. Watch less trash tv? No. Should those be on the list though? YES.

My New Year's Resolution has been to walk Libby outside everyday. Even if it's only 5 minutes.
Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

I fail miserably every year.

Sorry, Libby.

I can only blame my failure on this.

Except for we didn't have much of that last year & I still failed at my resolution.

Sorry, Libby.

I really should just blame my failure on this.

And this.

So, we're changing things up around here. Because I don't like to fail. This year, my New Year's resolution will be to simply be better.

Be a better wife, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, listener, organizer, housekeeper, cook, saver, driver, & walker.

Surely, my resolution success percentage will go up this year.

Peace out, 2012. Cheers to 2013...may …


Once upon a time (back in 2011) there was a boy. A very thoughtful, yet practical boy. He got his girl photography classes for Christmas so she could learn how to use their fancy new camera. The classes expired on December 15, 2012. Plenty of time. But, the girl became consumed with watching reality tv, taking daily trips to Kroger & avoiding cleaning at all costs, so she forgot all about the classes (although she still dearly loved her camera). Finally, the boy signed her up & she went one week before the expiration date.
The end.

Enjoy the merry happenings in the Carter house.
Sparkle close-ups courtesy of my new photography skillllz.

I hope your home is filled with merry things, too.
With the most important thing centered around this.

How can I make it better?

4:30, Wednesday, long day with the little people, tired, cranky.

Solution? This place.

I pull up, order my drink & get ready to pay when the male barista (love that name, by the way) kindly asks how my day was. I reply with, "Ok." I really just wanted my coffee & to go in peace.

His reply, "Well, how can I make it better?"

We lock eyes, then both look at the drink...and he knows I am going to say "a free drink." Barista smiles...and then says, "Besides a free drink." Of course. I then reply with - "Ok, you can do a dance." Smugly thinking he would never do a dance. Much to my surprise, he pulled out some running man moves right there in the drive-thru. And, some jazz hands. Extra points for jazz hands. Mission accomplished. He made my day better. I thanked him & went on my way.

I thought about him & our conversation all the way home. Often times when people ask others how their day was and they r…

kickin' the Christmas bucket

Heeeyyy December!

Its been awhile since I updated the 'ol blog. Sorry readers (or reader)...I have no idea who looks at this thing.

I've been busy putting up my one tree. And by one, I mean four.

Even our ball of fur has her own tree...complete with ornaments given to her by her grandparents. I can't wait to see what they do when they have grandkids that walk on two legs instead of four.

Also keeping me busy is this: a fun new December project...our Christmas Bucket List!

I have seen these floating around online that are seasonal related, so I decided to be a little different & make a Christmas one. All you have to do is:

*find a cute template online
*discuss ideas with your significant other and/or kids
*change or delete ideas from your significant other that you don't like (sorry, Dev)
*type in your list
*scramble around for an old frame to use
*complete the list!

I am most excited about driving to the Home Alone house in Chicago. I have bee…

Weekend at Bernice's.

A few weeks ago I decided to drop everything, pack a small suitcase & head to Springfield, Illinois for a weekend at Bernice's. Otherwise known as my grandma (mom's side).

Otherwise known as the originator of "diamonds are a girl's best friend."

Devin & his wallet thank her for passing that motto onto me. Not.

I need to do a lot of things better. And, spending more time with my grandparents, whether on the phone or in person, is towards to the top of the list. Also on the list? Not hitting snooze 50 times in the morning. After every alarm ring Dev replies (in his sweetest voice), "Honey, are you going to get up this time?" With which I reply (in my nastiest voice ever), "NO." Reason #34,987 why I love him.

I really will try to do better in the snooze department, DC.

Back to my weekend at Bernice's. After 3 1/2 hours in the car with my friends Nelly, MJ & Celine, 2 gas station/Polar Pop stops & lots of quiet…

It's the great pumpkin...

C is for Carter, carving, & competition. Ah, competition. My competitive nature started early when my mother decided to put me in beauty pageants at a young age. Yes, I was the Honey Boo Boo of the 80s. Y'all better redneckanize. I distinctly remember my sweet mom (she will deny this until blue in the face) saying, "Now Abigail, you won't win this pageant - but you will have a lot of fun & that is all that matters."Wrong. I strutted my stuff down the runway, blew a kiss to the judges & BOOM the votes were tallied. Abigail Vestile - Little Miss Regatta 1989. I still have the cubic zirconia tiara to prove it, & the memory of being queen for a day. Wait - what memory...I'm still the queen.


My competitive nature didn't stop there. From board games to dance competitions to neighborhood talent shows I didn't care what I was competing long as I won. Field day with my kindergarten class? I have to refrain from making…


I said I wouldn't talk about anything sad on here, but this man needs at least a blog post dedicated to him.

James Levi Vestile, "papaw" to my brother & I, passed away last week after 89 years on this earth...68 of those years being married to my sweet mamaw. What an amazing life he lived, & an equally amazing example of what true love really looks like.

My papaw was a man of few words. So are my dad, and my brother...hmmm must be a Vestile gene. That one missed me though. However, when he did speak you listened. So, I'm keeping this post short & to the point - the way he liked things done. Some of the most memorable (& quite funny) things he taught us were...

Euchre is a fast game. And don't you dare trump your partner's Ace.
Do whatever comes natural. A classic line. Whenever I would call & ask what he was doing, he would always reply with that.
If you're going into education, you better choose administration. It's where t…

traveling journal

Growing up, I remember wanting to only do two things: be a teacher and get married. Done and done. I guess I have accomplished everything I wanted to do in life. Except for ride in a motorcycle side car (complete with goggles & a scarf blowing in the wind), hold a baby panda, & go fly fishing (with big tall rubber pants). Those things are on my "life list"...another post, maybe.

Marriage can be exciting.
Like when you take a helicopter ride in Maui over a volcano.

Marriage can be romantic.
Like when you go ice skating in New York City, in the snow, at midnight, on Christmas Eve.
Just kidding about the Christmas Eve part...but wouldn't that be ultra-romantic?

And, marriage can be boring.
Like when your husband has his face in the computer 24/7. Even Libby is thrilled.

So, in the boring times it's a good thing that we I am creative and like to come up with fun things to do to make marriage un-boring. It's also good that DC is laid back and doesn…