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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, party people!  Here is what I have been loving this week!

My hair looks & feels like a bird's nest. Curls on curls on frizz.  While in Florida this spring break, I decided to straighten it one night.  Big mistake.  Huge.  At one point my brother-in-law looked at me in horror (as my hair was getting bigger & bigger during our outdoor dinner) and said, "Um, are you ok?"  I have tried expensive hair products & I have tried cheap hair products.  And they do the same thing.  Which is nothing.  So, I might as well spend my money elsewhere & go with the cheap-o stuff.  Enter Suave Rosemary & Mint.  It smells SO good & makes my scalp all tingly with a mint feeling.  Definitely on the favorites list this week.

My sunroom has officially been transformed into Dane's playroom.  And, we both love it.  Still the perfect little nook for my morning now just includes trains, cars & any type of ball. #boymom

I try not to give Da…

Nana's Cinnamon Toast

Growing up my mom (Dane's Nana) always broiled our cinnamon toast toast versus using the toaster.  Interesting, right?!  We had a toaster, so I'm guessing it was just her fancy way of doing things.  And I like fancy.  Dane loves his toast this way now.  Try it out with your Monday morning coffee, fruit or eggs!

Nana's Cinnamon Toast  (serves 4...or double for more)
* 4 pieces of high quality bread * cinnamon/sugar mix  * butter
Directions: Turn broiler on.  Spray a cookie sheet with Pam.  Butter the bread and then sprinkle your cinnamon/sugar mix on top (I use a generous amount of butter & cinnamon/sugar).  Place on cookie sheet and put under broiler.  I usually crack the door open while broiling, because this does not take long at all.  Watch carefully to avoid burning.  Remove from oven when the edges are turning a slight brown.  The toast will be crispy on the outside & soft & gooey on the inside!
Serve immediately.  Enjoy!  

Friday Favorites...summer children's books!

Welcome, FRIDAY!  It's The Hubs' birthday today, so this post will be short in sweet.  Coffee & a family breakfast out are calling my name.

This edition of Friday Favorites will be about sharing my favorite children's books for summer!  Dane will be 20 months at the end of the month and one of his most favorite activities ever is listening to stories.  #raisingareader 
I started reading to him at a very young age & he just loves it.  Being a former kindergarten teacher, I know firsthand the importance of early literacy encouraged at home.  I am SO thankful that he loves books & can only hope that his love for reading grows.  I think the teacher heart in me also loves organized books, so all of his books are organized in themes based on the seasons.  Don't judge.  We are loving his summer books right now & I just added a few new ones to his bookshelves!  

ONE.Sea Rex by Molly Idle I read through this book while at Barnes & Noble the other day and had…

Tuna Tuesday

There are two types of people in the world.  Those who like tuna and those who hate it.  If you are tuna lover, read below.  ;)

When summer rolls around, I always look for easy, no-mess dinners & lunches.  My chunky tuna salad fits the bill.  It's what the Carters are having for dinner tonight!

Chunky Tuna Salad (makes 4 sandwiches/wraps)
12oz can of tuna, drained well 1/2 onion, finely chopped 2 hard boiled eggs, chopped 2-3 heaping spoonfuls sweet relish (I use low-sugar) Miracle Whip (or real Mayo) 1 T sugar or 2 packets sweetener  salt/pepper

Directions: Drain tuna & add in all ingredients.  I hard boil two eggs, but only add in one egg yolk.  Sometimes it dries out the tuna salad if I add in both, but feel free!  I'm not a huge Mayo fan, but it is a must in this recipe.  I don't measure it and just keep adding to get the consistency I like.  Feel free to add more/less salt & pepper and/or sweetener.  Toast bread for tuna sandwiches or use my favorite - let…

Friday Favorites

Happy FRIDAY!  Here are some of my favorites from the week!

Dane's playroom is currently in process.  We are taking my beloved GIRLS ONLY bright pink sunroom and turning it into a playroom for my beloved (still hot pink. #sorrydane).  I ordered this wall art & can't wait to see it in person!  Soooooo true - right boy moms?!

Another library find.  This was on the must-read shelf when walking in and I thought it was non-fiction or a self-help type of thing.  Instead, it was a fictional novel about a young girl going on a 300+ mile hike through the wilderness.  Now I am nowhere near what you would call and "outdoorsy" type of gal, but it kind of made me want to check out the hiking books at Dick's!  I would recommend!

Three & four are both pink favorites.  I love pink normally, but for some reason I am more hot pink obsessed this summer.  I love this Mary Kay lipgloss (Shock Tart) & OPI nail polish (Pink Flamenco).

We finally found our summer binge show.…