Friday, July 3

Friday Favorites

Happy FRIDAY!  Here are some of my favorites from the week!

Dane's playroom is currently in process.  We are taking my beloved GIRLS ONLY bright pink sunroom and turning it into a playroom for my beloved (still hot pink. #sorrydane).  I ordered this wall art & can't wait to see it in person!  Soooooo true - right boy moms?!

Another library find.  This was on the must-read shelf when walking in and I thought it was non-fiction or a self-help type of thing.  Instead, it was a fictional novel about a young girl going on a 300+ mile hike through the wilderness.  Now I am nowhere near what you would call and "outdoorsy" type of gal, but it kind of made me want to check out the hiking books at Dick's!  I would recommend!


Three & four are both pink favorites.  I love pink normally, but for some reason I am more hot pink obsessed this summer.  I love this Mary Kay lipgloss (Shock Tart) & OPI nail polish (Pink Flamenco).

We finally found our summer binge show...True Detective (HBO).  We are through Season 1 & caught up with Season 2 now.  It is a murder mystery show that makes you look over your shoulder before walking up the stairs at night.  Plus, there's Woody Harrelson.  He is a Hanover Grad so that will always have my heart.   

What are your favorites this week?  Happy Red, White & Blue to YOU!

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