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Last weekend was INCREDIBLE (caps totally needed).  

My friend and former co-worker (wah), Adrienne and I decided to head to Nashville, TN for a girls trip/Mommy conference.  Last year one of the bloggers we both stalk follow posted about a conference called DotMom that was a Christian based conference that focused on marriage & motherhood.  Not sure why it is called "DotMom" has nothing to do with computers or blogging.  But the decor is all dots & all sorts of cute, so I guess I get it now.  Anyway, we registered months ago and have been counting down the days for weeks.  Both of us were Nashville how or why is still unknown.  Nashville is the Los Angeles of the South.  Being that both of us are obsessed with all things celebrity, it was the perfect location for our weekend away.

We kissed our babies & daddies goodbye & headed out Thursday morning.  Only 1.5 hours behind, but I call that winning.  We loaded up, grabbed Starbucks & got…

Show & Tell Tuesday...Who's coming to dinner?

I am joining in this Tuesday's "Show & Tell" topic with Momfessionals!  A few weeks ago I joined in with "Who were you in High School?" topic & it was so fun!  This week's Show & Tell is What 5 people would you invite to dinner?

I decided to go with people who are all living for my dinner party.  I can immediately think of SO many non-living people I would love to invite, but no way I could narrow that down to 5.  I also went a little Hollywood with my choices - ha!

1) Kate Middleton
I mean, no brainer.  Is there anyone who is not a fan of Princess Kate?  Her style, her beauty, the way she carries herself, etc.  She just seems like an amazing woman to have dinner with!  Plus, I want to hear all the dirt on the Queen.  When she and Prince William were married my bestie Adrienne & I had a Royal Wedding Party and put our old prom dresses on (we served pizza, not exactly royal but whatever) and had the best.time.ever.  So, of course she would …