Tuesday, September 15

Show & Tell Tuesday...Who's coming to dinner?

I am joining in this Tuesday's "Show & Tell" topic with Momfessionals!  A few weeks ago I joined in with "Who were you in High School?" topic & it was so fun!  This week's Show & Tell is What 5 people would you invite to dinner?

I decided to go with people who are all living for my dinner party.  I can immediately think of SO many non-living people I would love to invite, but no way I could narrow that down to 5.  I also went a little Hollywood with my choices - ha!

1) Kate Middleton
I mean, no brainer.  Is there anyone who is not a fan of Princess Kate?  Her style, her beauty, the way she carries herself, etc.  She just seems like an amazing woman to have dinner with!  Plus, I want to hear all the dirt on the Queen.  When she and Prince William were married my bestie Adrienne & I had a Royal Wedding Party and put our old prom dresses on (we served pizza, not exactly royal but whatever) and had the best.time.ever.  So, of course she would definitely be on my dinner invite list.  And Dane could play with George & Charlotte! :)

2) Jimmy Fallon
I have loved Jimmy Fallon since his SNL days.  He is obviously hilarious, but not in a mean way.  If there were any down times at dinner you know he would fill that space.  Especially with the next person I would invite...

3) Justin Timberlake
Ahhh, JT.  You had me back in the 90s with your blonde curls & matching denim outfit with Britney.  Justin can literally do it all.  Sing, dance, act, anything!  He should be on SNL himself, he is SO funny.  And Justin with Jimmy?  I doubt any dinner would be eaten with those two cracking jokes!

4) Jennifer Aniston & Courtney Cox
When Devin & I were first married, we spent one of our ENTIRE Christmas breaks watching Friends from beginning to end.  We still watch it all the time.  Chandler & Monica's adoption process is so similar to ours & I love that a popular television show decided to finally portray adoption as the amazing experience it is.  I couldn't pick between Jennifer or Courtney, so I would just invite them both & call it a package deal.  I want to know all of Friends secrets & beg them to sign-on for a reunion show!

5.  Oprah
Another no-brainer here.  I know there are a lot of Oprah haters out there, but I ain't one of 'em.  I would run off the bus growing up, grab a snack and watch it every afternoon with my mom at 4:00.  Interestingly enough, she was actually asked to appear as a guest on the show back in the 90s!  Oprah was planning a show on people who never go anywhere without make-up on.  After every show, they asked audience members about upcoming shows and if they knew anyone who would be good for that particular topic.  One of the audience members was a friend of my mom's and knew she never went anywhere without make-up!  Oprah's producers called my Mom and she agreed, but then they ended up going with a different topic.  Her consolation prize however, was a front row ticket to one of the tapings and she met Oprah as well!  Not bad!  Oprah would just be a fabulous dinner guest & I could probably talk to her for hours!

Those are my 5 dinner guests!  Who would you invite?

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