Friday, April 11

Coffee Date Friday

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you these five things...

* The hubs, baby & I had a fantastic trip to Florida last week.  However, gone are the days of not moving all day from your beach towel in the sand .  Babies cramp that style.  Post on that soon!

*  Dane is rolling over, shrieking, laughing & just overall doing things to add to the Cutest Boy Ever mental scrapbook in my brain.

*  My baby brother is getting married in less than a month.  It's time for Dane to have some Vestile cousins.

* My new favorite show is Resurrection...mysterious, impossible to ever happen, & starring Omar Epps.  What more could you ask for?

* I am saying goodbye to this special lady this weekend.  My Mamaw.  The woman who taught me how to make an apple pie from scratch, whom I could listen to for hours, and whose marriage advice was simply "always tell the truth."  She was married for over 60 years.  I'de say that was pretty good advice.  I'm so glad she was able to meet Dane.

And boy, did I love having coffee with her.  Love you, Mamaw.

Thursday, March 20

Look For Littles

Once upon time, there was a girl who loved to shop.  She didn't care when, where, or with whom.  It was just fun.  Then, she adopted a baby and didn't shop for herself anymore.   She only shopped for her son.  It didn't matter if it was 2 degrees below zero & they didn't leave the house for days.  Her baby always looked cute.  What if a baby modeling agent came door-to-door looking for new clients?  He had to be ready.  The end.  

A few weeks ago I saw Wifessionals, a mama/blogger that I follow on instagram, announce that she was hosting a Look for Littles swap.  The rules were simple: sign up on her blog, indicating the gender/age of your child & you would be matched with another momma with the same age child.  Then, contact each other, decide how much you want to spend & put together a "look" for their little.  How FUN!  And fun is right up my alley.  Not only would I be able to shop for another precious baby, I would be excited to receive my own special package in the mail!  The "Look" had to consist of a top, bottom, and two accessories (shoes, socks, hat, etc).  I signed up right away & awaited my match!

A few days later I was given the information for my LFL (Look For Littles) match - a sweet mom from Texas!  She has two boys, one a baby close in age to Dane.  We emailed back and forth and discussed size, how much we wanted to spend, and exchanged home addresses.  It was fun chatting with another young mom, even though she was miles away.  We ended up talking about our kids, jobs & just giving advice & encouragement to each other.  @tjwest21 - if I'm ever in Texas, I'm going to look you up!  Maybe we can visit Southfork & pretend we are in Dallas?!

After emailing several times, we both set out to shop!  We mailed our packages the same week & this is what I sent her little guy.  I also included a note for her & some chocolate...because what mom doesn't like coming home to a big Reese Cup?!

The Look she sent Dane is precious!  She included a sweet note to both of us with plenty of y'alls...a true Texan!  I stuck it in Dane's baby book for him to read one day.  And those suspenders?!  No words.  A few days later I received another package from my new momma friend - how sweet!  I especially looooooove the boombox shirt.  Little did she know I am a 90s rapper at heart.

Overrall, the LFL swap was so fun & something I would love to do again!  I got to shop for another little, get something for Dane & make a new friend along the way.  I call that winning.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for your littles?

Friday, March 7

Coffee Date Friday

YAY Friday!  If we were having coffee, I would have a green tea soy latte & be telling you these 5 things...

* I will be on the beach in 22 days.  Take that Polar Vortex.

* Devin told me the other day that he checks on the baby every morning before he goes to work.  He either puts his hand on his belly or rubs his arm.  #precious #imeansoprecious

* Every meal should involve chips & salsa.

* I was obsessed with Ellen's Oscar tweets just like 3 million other people.  She is so positive & happy and just downright fun.  I wish we were friends.

* I have read some really thought-provoking blogs lately.  Mainly this onethis one, and this one.

What 5 things would you share if we had coffee?  
Have a great weekend & love what you love.  

Wednesday, February 19

Crazy Eight.

Devin & I celebrated our 8th anniversary last week...8 YEARS.  That's a lot of time to spend with someone, so good thing we kind of like each other.  Just kidding, love each other.  These past 8 years have been filled with way more ups than downs, lots of fun, and now it feels like we are playing house with a little baby down the hall.  And yes, I do the cooking & am here when Devin comes home.  But he doesn't have a brief case or yell "honey, I'm home!" & I haven't showered.  Ok, so it's nothing like the "house" I used to play.  In honor of our "anny" (the new matrimonial lingo I learned last week), here are 8 things you might not know about us.

* I can count on one hand how many times we have ordered a pizza since we have been married.  Now Mexican?  We had that 3 times last week.
* We invited 517 people to our wedding.
* He has always done all of the laundry & I have done all of the cooking.
* We have traveled A LOT since we have been married...a few faves: Hawaii, St. Thomas, Cabo San Lucas, NYC, Las Vegas & Park City.  Italy is on the dream list for our 10 year.  Ahhh....
* We both are terrible water drinkers.  As in we drink none.  I could get by on one cup of coffee a day & Devin guzzles diet mountain dew like nobody's business.
* We adopted a newborn in November, who is the pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to both of us.  You can read about it here, here & HERE.
* Devin falls asleep by 7:30 every night & I'm up past midnight. #oppositesattract
* We often make bets ranging from how much our baby will weigh at his next appointment to who will win the March Madness bracket challenge.  I usually lose.  Sometimes I also bribe him to put my laundry away for me after he folds it. #truelove

These 8 years have absolutely FLOWN by & I can't wait to see what is in store for the next 8+.  I see Disney trips, sippy cups & and minivans in the forecast.  Happy Anny, Devie!

What are some fun/unique things about your marriage?  Please share!  

Tuesday, January 28

Take a look...

It's in a book...Reading Rainboooooow!

If you were a child of the 80s-90s then you remember this popular PBS show starring the ever-famous LeVar Burton.  A children's story was narrated throughout the series with a lesson usually discussed at the end.  This show helped foster my love for books & sadly has been replaced by shows like the rude & annoying Spongebob Squarepants...I hope I don't ever have to subject Dane to that show.  Bleh.  I do hope to subject Dane to A LOT of books, and early.  Devin & I have already started the bedtime story routine, one that both of us were a part of growing up.  I want him to love reading as much as his mama.  Now, his daddy - well I would like to have words with whoever taught him comprehension strategies.  As in he has none.  But, he does do the dishes...and all of the laundry.

Back to books.  I love them.  From the elementary years with my nose in The Boxcar Children, to The Babysitter's Club (who didn't want to be JUST like Stacy??), to being obsessed with Twilight & The Hunger Games, to crying through a memoir or a biography, I love them all.  Lately I have seen people list their Top 10 favorite books on facebook, so I thought that would transfer to a fun blog post.  I don't have as much time to read now, but if I have an extra 15 minutes here & there, that is probably what you will find me doing.  So, in no particular order...

* Bloom by Kelle Hampton: easily creeping up to my favorite book of all time.
* Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen: just magical.
* Columbine by Dave Cullen: a whole new perspective on this tragedy.
* The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks: it's a given.
* Twilight/The Hunger Games series: haters can hate, but long live Katniss & Bella.
* Love The One You're With by Emily Giffin: fiction, but makes you remember the reason why you chose The One.
* Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: recent fave, & swooning over Ben Affleck as the mysterious Nick.
* The Power of a Positive Mom by Karol Ladd: I recently read this & the whole book is pretty much highlighted. Really its full of good advice on how to be a positive person...not just a positive mom.
* My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult: My first Picoult book & the only fictional story that actually made my heart ache.
* The Help by Kathryn Stockett: very few movies are as good as the book & this one is close.

Books that are on my list to read:
Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman
Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielson
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
Divergent series by Veronica Roth (just because I'm a teeny bopper at heart)

What are some of your favorites?  What should I add to my list?

"Everyone is a reader...some just haven't found their favorite book yet." ~ unknown

Friday, January 10

Coffee Date Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  I have been enjoying an extended vacation due to snow...oh wait, I'm not working so snow days mean nothing in the SAHM (stay at home mom abbreviation, I just learned it) world.  Hooray!  BUT, I have enjoyed watching my love not sit still during these 5 extra days.  You see, he has to be doing something.  Always.  And, I don't.  Opposites attract, you know!

If we were having coffee I would tell you....

* That my pumpkin boy has almost doubled in size.  Welcome to the world of chubby cheeks, & arms and legs that look like they have rubber bands around them.  I always did love my cabbage patch kids...

* A friend delivered a fabulous chicken-quinoa concoction that I can't stop thinking about, yet I'm too tired to make.  Dawn - do you deliver?

* 2014 is bringing lots of goals for being checking out books from the library.  I love the smell of library books, I don't like the waiting.  Rene - what's your waiting list secret?

*  I have no idea what this Polar Vortex thing is & Devin just informed me that it is real and not a joke. #guessishouldstartwatchinggthenews #never

*  Britney & Justin almost got back together (I'm sure of it), at the People's Choice Awards last weekend.  And by almost back together, I mean they were nominated in the same category.  They forgot their denim get-ups though!

Well, it's getting late, so this coffee needs to be dumped & wine poured instead.  
Have a great weekend & go match with someone!

Sunday, December 29


I have been enjoying.

All of my memories for the past 30 days of Dane's life are being stored in the scrapbook of my brain...Christmas with family, special alone time with Dev, every coo & little sound Dane makes, things that made me laugh, made me cry....all stored together in a mental time capsule of sorts.  And hopefully just like a real scrapbook, I can go back & open these memories from time to time.  As the pages of 2013 close, I am looking forward to what 2014 will bring.



your son's here...indeed.
even I wanted to believe again.

Cheers to the scrapbooks in your brain.  And happy 2014.