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Sometimes I worry about having a fire at my house. I worry about not being able to tie my bed sheets in knots fast enough to make a rope & throw it out the window.

(isn't that what you are supposed to do, make a sheet rope??)

I worry about getting this little girl out.
Even though at this particular time she was in time-out for being bossy.
She gets it from her mama.

But mostly, I worry about getting my prized possessions out safely (besides Dev, of course). My pictures. For this reason, I sometimes carry photo albums upstairs at night and put them under my bed. Just in case.

I am a picture person, always have been. Pictures remind you of fun times, happy memories, loved ones & everything in between. When instagram started getting popular earlier this year, I knew it was fate that we team up. I was right. I love taking pictures of random things that make me happy. And, I love seeing pictures of other people's random happiness even more.

Here are some of…

Make someone's day for $1.

Dollar bins. Whoever came up with this concept is a genius. You can never spend exactly $1 in the dollar way, jose. You can also never go into Target without dropping $100 either. Whoever invented Target is a genius too, & a billionaire I'm sure. Just like Scrooge from the hit 1990s cartoon "Duck Tales." My brother & I used to watch that show everyday after school. Remember Scrooge diving into his pool of gold coins? I bet that is what the inventor of Target does.

Back to the topic. I like it when someone makes my day. I have had people pay for my Starbucks, compliment me on a day when I wasn't feeling pretty, leave yummy treats on my desk, & send me flowers. Flowers always make my day. So, its fun to make someone else's day too. This is where the dollar bin comes into play. It's quite easy.

1. Drive to Target. Stop by McDonald's for a diet coke first. It helps when choosing your "make someone's day supplies.…

Fill in the blank Friday...

Cheeeers to the freakin' weekend.

Let's play a game called Fill In The Blank Friday. The rules are simple. Fill in the blanks with the first thing that comes to mind. You can make up your own, or copy my starters. Dev & I do this a lot when we go out to dinner, or are on a road trip. Yes, we have meaningful conversations about genies & things we would watch on repeat.

I can't handle...
dogs in hot cars with the windows rolled up. Do it in my presence & you will get the cops called on you in 2.2 seconds. I have my eye on you, Michael Vick.

A secret dream of mine...
is to live in NYC, Carrie Bradshaw style. Mr. Big required.

Everyone should have...
breakfast for dinner at least once a week.

is the perfect day to call up an old friend.

The best cure for a bad mood...
is to youtube "Titanic recorder song" by Matt Mulholland. Just don't do it while driving because you will wreck.

If I had a genie & one wish...
I would wish to snap…

A Wrinkle In Time.

In order to be an elementary school teacher, you need: apple earrings, red pens & multi-tasking superpowers. I haven't found stylish apple earrings yet, but I own a plethora of red pens & I can multi-task like there's no tomorrow. I have to plan lessons, attend meetings, schedule conferences, keep up on emails, grade papers (or "sticker" papers in my case), manage an assistant, keep my classroom organized, tie shoes, and oh yeah...teach 25 people how to read. If you can't multi-task, you ain't makin' it in this profession. Because there isn't any time to waste. Luckily for Teaching, I love to multi-task.

I don't believe in wasting time. Unless it's a rainy Sunday afternoon & then I have no choice but to put on my husband's big baggie shorts, lay in bed with a good cup of coffee & watch movies.

Here are some things that I consider to be the biggest waste of time ever.

I know, I isn't a wast…


Books & Abigail go together like chocolate & peanut butter, paper & pencil, & Justin & Britney. Boo...they don't go together anymore...but they always will in my heart. Especially when they wore these matching ensembles.

I caught the reading bug early. One of the many wonderful qualities my Mom has/had was letting us have fun, taking us fun places & always having fun things planned. Hmmm...I wonder why I like to have so much fun all the time. Between painting homemade Christmas ornaments to cooking heart shaped pancakes, we did it all with her. Including going to the library every week in the summer for story time. My favorite. I still remember our librarian, Golum. He was a short, sweet man from India who loved books, reading & passing that on to children. I could sit for hours at the library and listen to him read. I think he is a big part of why I became a teacher as well; I love reading SO much & want to pass that on to my littlest r…

I'm sorry, Tyler.

After a girl is grown, her little brother, now her protector, seems like a big brother.
~ Terri Guillemets

29 years ago, I was one. My mom wasn't feeling well & went to the doctor. Surprise! She was pregnant. With which she replied, "Um, I already have a baby at home." James "Tyler" Vestile was born on August 25th 1983...making us a little over a year apart in age. Wasn't he just a peach?

I'm sorry for a lot of things in my life. Like not taking piano lessons or trying harder in spanish class. But this post is dedicated to my brother & things I am sorry about related to him.

I'm sorry Tyler...for being a sourpuss at your birthday party. I just wanted presents, too.

I'm sorry Tyler...for always dressing you up like a girl, and subjecting you to neighborhood beauty pageants and Save The Dolphin clubs (Vice President, always. Never President.)

I'm sorry Tyler...for not teaching you how to dance before my wedding. Because your…

livin' the dream by theme

I promised myself when I started this blog that I would only write about things that make me happy...nothing sad, depressing, or scary. We have enough of that lurking around in this world. Well...I might blog about scary movies sometime. I love scary movies. Scream, Halloween, Poltergeist - bring 'em all on. But no one will ever watch them with me. Especially this boy, who is currently doing his favorite activity next to me right now.

Good thing he's cute.

Hanover College made me/still makes me happy. I met Husband there, I met Best Friend there & I became Teacher because of this place. (Do you like my usage of "proper nouns" here?) I thought it sounded fun!

Because HC was SO small, there was nothing to do there. Except have theme parties. Just about every weekend. Thus started my enduring love for all things theme.

Probably no caption needed here. But, just in case...we were 80s work out girls & Barbies. I was Bridal Barbie, respectively…

a&d = love.

Here is the story of a boy & a girl.

You can "choose your own adventure" (remember those books as kids?!) and pick which version you would like to read...the short version or the long version.

Short Version:
Once there was a boy and a girl. They met here, at a library on a pretty college campus. They started dating, fell in love & lived happily ever after. The end.

Long Version:
Once there was a boy and a girl. Ok, done with that kind of talk. Here's the long version homies...

I met Devin Trent Carter (DC to me) at the Hanover College library my freshman year. I remember exactly what I was wearing, exactly what he was wearing and exactly how I felt when he randomly came up to introduce himself. Happiness. After our brief, but meaningful introduction, I immediately ran back to my dorm & shared with my roommate that I had found the guy who I wanted to marry; therefore we needed to stalk him immediately in order to accomplish this goal. Done. Lucky for me…