Sunday, September 2

a&d = love.

Here is the story of a boy & a girl.

You can "choose your own adventure" (remember those books as kids?!) and pick which version you would like to read...the short version or the long version.

Short Version:
Once there was a boy and a girl. They met here, at a library on a pretty college campus. They started dating, fell in love & lived happily ever after. The end.

Long Version:
Once there was a boy and a girl. Ok, done with that kind of talk. Here's the long version homies...

I met Devin Trent Carter (DC to me) at the Hanover College library my freshman year. I remember exactly what I was wearing, exactly what he was wearing and exactly how I felt when he randomly came up to introduce himself. Happiness. After our brief, but meaningful introduction, I immediately ran back to my dorm & shared with my roommate that I had found the guy who I wanted to marry; therefore we needed to stalk him immediately in order to accomplish this goal. Done. Lucky for me, my roommate was perfect for the job & the stalking began. Eventually we did start dating...and dating...and dating some more. All through college and beyond. For more than 5 years to be exact. We had some great times in college & I will be forever grateful that we shared that experience together. Long live Hanover College. And chicken wrap day at my sorority house. Yum.

We were married on February 11, 2006 in front of 424 people, including my entire first class of kindergarten students & their parents. It was perfect...every thing I had dreamt of as a little girl. Right down to my 12 foot wedding dress train. The best part? Writing letters to each other that we read every anniversary. Ok, almost every anniversary. Sometimes I forget to get them out. But, we still remember what they said. Promise.

Almost seven years have passed, & we have adopted a 15lb ball of fur, lived in 3 different places (1 place being my parents crib while we were building. Oh boy.), gone on countless trips, built a house together & just had plain 'ol fun together. Fun is what we do best. Cue fun pictures.

We also like to do adventurous activities.

Like riding a helicopter in a volcano.

Or taking surf lessons.

Or laying out on a runway-turned beach in a foreign land for a day. Freaking insane.

And swimming in a shark tank.


We haven't done that one yet. It's on the adventurous activities list, though. I just want to quote Richard Dreyfuss in JAWS and say, "We're gonna need a bigger boat."

Has it been all fun & games? Heck no. We have had some disappointments. Like kids, for example. We thought we would have some of those things by now. Hopefully someday soon. Because this boy?

He's going to be a damn good daddy.

Devin is the most laid back, calm person you will most likely ever meet. Take, for example, a crisis situation. Our conversation would most likely go something like this.

Abigail: "Devin, our house burnt down and we lost everything."
Devin: "Ok, we will rebuild and figure it out."

Abigail: "Devin, I have to get my arms and legs cut off in 10 minutes."
Devin: "Ok, you will be fine."

I guess the saying of opposites attract really is true. You will never find a person as selfless as my DC either. I think I have heard him talk about himself a total of 5 times since we have been married. And, me? Well I started a blog about myself so you get the idea, folks.

Do we get on each other's nerves? Oh yeah. Like when he goes to sleep at 7:30 every night.

This causes me to be bored out of my mind. Which causes me to online shop. Oopsie.

And he gets annoyed with the way I organize the dishwasher...or lack there of.

But, an organized dishwasher is such a waste of time. I don't like wasting time. I plan on dedicating a future blog post to things I consider a waste of time, and you can bet your bottom dollar organizing the dishwasher will be included.

Even with the annoyances, the bottom line with us is love.
It's all you need.
Cliche, I know. But sometimes cliche things are true. I'm not sure where Life will take DC & I, but we have each other & I thank God for bringing him to me that day in the library almost 12 years ago.

Some people never find "it" and I did.

And, he's all mine.

Now, if you aren't completely bored out of your gourd then congratulations! You made it through your "choose your own adventure." I want to hear your love story. Love stories are fun & awesome. And they make you think about your own love story even more. So, do share.

love rules.

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