Wednesday, September 5

livin' the dream by theme

I promised myself when I started this blog that I would only write about things that make me happy...nothing sad, depressing, or scary. We have enough of that lurking around in this world. Well...I might blog about scary movies sometime. I love scary movies. Scream, Halloween, Poltergeist - bring 'em all on. But no one will ever watch them with me. Especially this boy, who is currently doing his favorite activity next to me right now.

Good thing he's cute.

Hanover College made me/still makes me happy. I met Husband there, I met Best Friend there & I became Teacher because of this place. (Do you like my usage of "proper nouns" here?) I thought it sounded fun!

Because HC was SO small, there was nothing to do there. Except have theme parties. Just about every weekend. Thus started my enduring love for all things theme.

Probably no caption needed here. But, just in case...we were 80s work out girls & Barbies. I was Bridal Barbie, respectively. I thought it would be cool to run around campus in my mom's old wedding gown. It only caused me to become overheated. You win some, you lose some.

I never really thought about how much I love living in theme until my brother-in-law called me up last year to get some ideas for a 40th birthday party he wanted to have. His exact words were "Abs, I need help with a party. I thought of you because you are only person I know who lives their life by theme." Hey - I'll take it! It's much better than, "You are the only person I know who picks their nose (ew, I don't really!) or "You are the only person I know who never pumps their own gas" Ok, that one's true. I don't pump gas or mow grass, folks. That's what gas station attendants at Swifty (love them!) and Husband is for.

If you can't have fun in Life, what can you do? Not much. I love this quote by Dale Carnegie..."People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." I agree. Here are some of my favorite themed parties/days/nights, etc.

80s party for DC's 30th birthday. I went all out 80s style, down to the Nintendo themed cupcakes. Yay Mario & Luigi.

90's rap party for my 30th birthday. 90s rap is a not-so-guilty pleasure of mine. I don't feel bad about loving Nelly, Jay-Z & Eminem...they can always put me in a good mood. Word to your motha.

Royal Wedding party. God save the queen. What better way to watch the Royal Wedding than to dig out your old prom dress (don't worry, I couldn't zip it up in the back), serve tea and crumpits & pretend to talk British all night? Just wait to see what I have in store when William and Kate announce they are expecting.

Twilight midnight showing party. I easily get obsessed with things. Like looking at my wedding photo album at least once a week, going to Kroger everyday, & Edward Cullen. I am fully anticipating a 2-week crying session when the final installment of the Twilight series hits theaters in November.

Heck - even my vacations are themed related. Last year DC & I went on a cruise with friends and we decided to have a white night, followed closely by "jersey day at the pool." I really wanted to wear my all-time favorite player's jersey...Anfernee Hardaway. But, I couldn't find Penny jerseys anywhere. I can only assume that he must be everyone's favorite player as well.

Should I have better things to do with my time than to make t-shirts, bake cakes for a wedding I'm not invited to, or dig out old prom dresses? Yes. DO I have better things to do with my time? Not really. So, go out there friends & soak up some FUN too.

I'll be back soon to talk about my latest obsession. It happens every year around this time...Fall. Oooh, just typing the word Fall makes me want to throw on my baggiest sweatshirt, make a cup of coffee & watch Hocus Pocus.

Have yourself a great day.

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