Sunday, September 30


Sometimes I worry about having a fire at my house. I worry about not being able to tie my bed sheets in knots fast enough to make a rope & throw it out the window.

(isn't that what you are supposed to do, make a sheet rope??)

I worry about getting this little girl out.
Even though at this particular time she was in time-out for being bossy.
She gets it from her mama.

But mostly, I worry about getting my prized possessions out safely (besides Dev, of course). My pictures. For this reason, I sometimes carry photo albums upstairs at night and put them under my bed. Just in case.

I am a picture person, always have been. Pictures remind you of fun times, happy memories, loved ones & everything in between. When instagram started getting popular earlier this year, I knew it was fate that we team up. I was right. I love taking pictures of random things that make me happy. And, I love seeing pictures of other people's random happiness even more.

Here are some of my recent instagram loves.

Follow my random happiness snapshots on instagram: acarter402 (402 being my dorm room# in college. Long live Donner Hall).

And, I want to follow your random happiness too!

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