Friday, October 5

categorize your week.

Hey party people.

I like to categorize my weeks: great, medium, or bad. The great week category being anything involved with reality tv, girlfriend time, or winning the lottery. Medium weeks might include finding this in my car on my way to Dunkin Donuts.

Bad weeks would include having your engine blow on 465 and then waiting on the side of the road while your school's janitor comes to pick you up (thanks, John). Along with weekly categorizing, I also like to categorize my groceries on the conveyor belt and then again when I put them away in my pantry. It all has to do with my obsession with Kroger, I guess. But sadly, I am on a Kroger spending freeze & am prohibited from going more than once a week. Dang, that's hard. I hope the freeze is lifted soon because I love Kroger. And my bag boys.

It's ok though because I would still categorize this week as great. Here's why...

Fall Bling. I like gaudy & I do it well. Luckily for me & gaudy, the trend now is lots of different stackable, sparkly bracelets. Deal.
Jewels: stella and dot. Peace sign: learned on the streets.

Coffee dates with two different men. Wait, I can explain. One man is my love and the other my dad. DC & I are trying something new called we-never-see-each-other-because-we-work-all-the-time-so-lets-do-something-on-Thursdays. I couldn't think of any other titles. We have been going to Starbucks & Barnes and Noble every Thursday to catch up on life. But, this gives me anxiety because I looked through the 1,000 Places You Need To See Before You Die book last night and we have A LOT of places to see.

My Pops & I like to meet for coffee on Fridays at 6 am. Or, in my case 6:20 am because I can't get out of bed. Sorry, Dad. My Dad is a man of few words but lucky for us I'm not, so we always have some good conversations that usually involve me asking him what he does as a business man (I just don't get the business world). Once a Daddy's girl, always a Daddy's girl.

I stole inherited these beauties almost 13 years ago when I started dating Dev. It was time to break them back in this week. Sometimes I think my life might be perfect if I could just wear them everyday to everywhere. They remind me of my love, our college, & are the most comfy, cuddly sweatpants ever. Please don't ever wear out on me, sweatpants. Because then I won't live to see the 1,000 places you need to see before you die (anxiety again).

I got a text this week from a college bestie who adopted a sweet baby boy this week. That equals automatic great-week categorizing in my book. I can't wait to tell Baby Mitch about the euchre club his mother & I started our senior year (with a Color Me Badd theme song), our discussions about politics & boys, and our bike rides at 5am around campus. I won't tell him that we never knew whose bikes we were actually riding on. Trivial, Mitch.

Even if you do have a medium or bad week sometimes, Friday always makes it better, right? Fo Sho.

I'll be even happier come tomorrow when I will decide to get a pedicure. Hey - I'm not on a nail salon spending freeze...yet. I'm thinking army green/Exorcist pea soup.

Have a great weekend, pumpkin heads. Make sure you go to Shipshewana was Indiana's only must see place. Hmm. Never heard of it.

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