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Coffee Date Friday

Another week in the books - goodbye June!

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you....
* That I am going camping next week.   Time to pack up the tent, fishing poles, bug spray & reserve The Hilton just in case.  Here is a picture of our last camping experience.  No caption needed.

* I am smoothie obsessed.  They are the perfect summer treat.   My favorite is this pistachio mint one from Dashing Dish.  YUM!
* DC & I accomplished most of the things on our Spring Bucket List..  Time for a summer one!
* Last weekend we thought we were attending the engagement party of Devin's sister.  Psych.  It was really their wedding & I couldn't be happier for them!  Any party that includes skeet shooting, unlimited bbq sandwiches & a tandem bike is a win in my book of love.  Congrats, Meggie!  
* I have a baby shower tomorrow.  I love presents, friends, family & food.  SO excited to celebrate this little baby with people I love.  And it helps make the waiting a li…

Summer Snapshots

I was going to write a very thought-provoking post tonight, but then my hands started sweating while watching the man on the tight rope cross the Grand Canyon.  Um, wow.  Even Devin had to get up and walk away during it.  I think the riskiest thing I have ever done was go bungee jumping in Gatlinburg.  Followed by a trip to Dollywood.  Which might have been riskier.

Therefore...enter Summer Snapshots.

Men of Steel

DC & I saw Man of Steel Saturday night.  I may or may not have cried through the whole movie.  Devin may or may not have paid $5 for half a box of M&Ms.  I don't know if I was crying tears of joy over Superman's biceps, or for Kevin Costner's performance as his earthy dad, but still.  Tear jerker.

Yesterday was Father's Day & it got me thinking about the Men of Steel in my life.
Namely my brother, my dad & DC.

My brother was the popular "guy's guy" in high school who went against the norm & took the unpopular girl to prom.  Think Never Been Kissed minus the egg throwing-limo incident.  Otherwise known as the sweetest thing ever.   He has crushed kryptonite-like boulders in his life, & come out on the other side.  Way to go, Goobie.

Then there's my dad.  He has quiet super strength, in which one cross look across the room would make my brother & I stop fighting and pretend to love each other in order to spare a grounding.…

Coffee Date Friday

Happy Friday!  And, even a happier Friday while on Summer break.  I am enjoying the stillness that comes with summer & being off of school.  5 AM alarms, dress pants & story time have been traded in for coffee at 9am, sweatpants, & finally tackling my book list.  No bunnies in dresses or picture books included on this list, though.

If we were having coffee this Friday, I would tell you...

* That I have been baking up a storm.  Homemade soft pretzels, strawberry shortcake & different kinds of cookies have been on the list.  I have a great taste tester also...who almost always approves.

* My new favorite place to dream read is in the nursery.  There is just something about rocking that is therapeutic.  Now, I am reading World War Z about a zombie apocalypse which I'm sure should not be allowed in a baby's room.  But, I am mainly doing this to be prepared for the movie release in a few weeks.  Hellllllo, Brad Pitt.  You can save me the world from zombies any day!…

Um, you know this room is for a baby right?

If I had my way, I would live in a warehouse.  No, but seriously.
Dark, cold, steel...& more darkness.  Kind of like the Bat Cave, I guess.

This would be my dream kitchen.

But, sometimes I don't get my way.  I guess my husband prefers to not sit on metal couches & walk around on concrete floors.  Whatevs.  
I still like my kitchen, though.  It at least fits the dark criteria, I think.  And, I'm pretty sure that we are the only people on the planet that took windows out of our house floor plan.

When we decided to adopt, I was SUPER excited to decorate the nursery.  But, we were told not to do anything because we would just be sad walking by a finished nursery with no baby.  Well, I don't do things I'm told.  Ok, I do.  Just not with this.  So, the planning started.  However, anything that screams "baby" scares me.  ABC blocks, rubber duckies, goo-goo ga-ga, safari animals, etc = bleh.  I knew I didn't want any of that.  Again...cold, dark, concret…