Friday, June 14

Coffee Date Friday

Happy Friday!  And, even a happier Friday while on Summer break.  I am enjoying the stillness that comes with summer & being off of school.  5 AM alarms, dress pants & story time have been traded in for coffee at 9am, sweatpants, & finally tackling my book list.  No bunnies in dresses or picture books included on this list, though.

If we were having coffee this Friday, I would tell you...

* That I have been baking up a storm.  Homemade soft pretzels, strawberry shortcake & different kinds of cookies have been on the list.  I have a great taste tester also...who almost always approves.

* My new favorite place to dream read is in the nursery.  There is just something about rocking that is therapeutic.  Now, I am reading World War Z about a zombie apocalypse which I'm sure should not be allowed in a baby's room.  But, I am mainly doing this to be prepared for the movie release in a few weeks.  Hellllllo, Brad Pitt.  You can save me the world from zombies any day!

* Last Sunday was National BFF Day.  I hope you called your BFF or did something special for them.  And if not, then I declare today National BFF Day, too.

* I check my tomato & pepper plants everyday to see if they are growing.  They aren't.  Pretty sure I have faulty plants...which means no BLT as requested by you, Dad!

* A good friend of mine & fellow adoptive mommy recently started a blog called Rene With One E.  If you want to be entertained by pictures of her adorable boys or behold her famous chocolate chip cookie recipe (future post, Rene?!), then click away!

* I did a little DIY project that turned out really cute, I think.  It involves mason jars & spray paint.  It's getting fancy up in herrrr.

What 5 things would you tell me if we met for coffee?  
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  1. 1. Thanks for the shout out! Cookie recipe to come soon, but you will be disappointed when you see it:)
    2. Attempting to play euchre tonight. I have a feeling I am going to suck it has been so long.
    3. I must read world war z next. Remember my fav movie is legends of the fall starring Brad Pitt before he turned weird. Although, this zombie movie definitely looks entertaining. It will help me enjoy the zombie stuff until the walking dead comes back.
    4. Matt is running in a 10 mile run tomorrow. So proud of him!
    5. It is Friday, I am tired.
    Bonus #6. I will see you soon!!!

  2. This is very nice plan to spend a day. Actually I am not much for drinking during or before movies. This zombie movie definitely looks entertaining I will enjoying this with my coffee....

    Kopi Luwak


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