Monday, June 17

Men of Steel

DC & I saw Man of Steel Saturday night.  I may or may not have cried through the whole movie.  Devin may or may not have paid $5 for half a box of M&Ms.  I don't know if I was crying tears of joy over Superman's biceps, or for Kevin Costner's performance as his earthy dad, but still.  Tear jerker.

Yesterday was Father's Day & it got me thinking about the Men of Steel in my life.
Namely my brother, my dad & DC.

My Men of Steel.  Dad didn't get the memo that you need to be over 6 feet tall, though.  

My brother was the popular "guy's guy" in high school who went against the norm & took the unpopular girl to prom.  Think Never Been Kissed minus the egg throwing-limo incident.  Otherwise known as the sweetest thing ever.   He has crushed kryptonite-like boulders in his life, & come out on the other side.  Way to go, Goobie.

Then there's my dad.  He has quiet super strength, in which one cross look across the room would make my brother & I stop fighting and pretend to love each other in order to spare a grounding.  He never missed a game when I cheered in high school, filled my car up with gas before every trip back to college, & was always on call when I needed help with my math homework.  Even though he could never quite understand why I didn't inherit his natural ability to solve math problems.  I did inherit his love for jelly on french toast & ketchup on steak, though.  Lots of life talks & advice were given in the form of washing my car with my dad in high school.  It's no wonder that he didn't want anything for Father's Day but for us to help him wash his car.  He would choose family over presents any day.  Except if those presents came in the oatmeal raisin cookie form.  My dad taught us to do the right thing, no matter what the circumstances.  A super power indeed.  Give a girl a great dad, & she can do anything.

And, my DC.  Full of super powers.  I dreamt of marrying a man that would love me until the end of time, be an amazing father, & still do chores.  He has two of those three super powers & I'm pretty sure I will be able to see the third surface soon.  A friend recently asked him what he was most looking forward to when becoming a father.  He said just holding the baby.  Wow.

These three men might not be faster than a speeding bullet, or be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but they are super heros in my comic book.  Who are the Men of Steel in your life?

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  1. I can't wait to see Man of Steel! I am glad you liked it. Hope I can keep my tears to a minimum. Kevin Costner has a special place in my heart as "field of dreams" was the movie that brought Matt and I together:) Of course my man of steel is Matt! He truly is a super dad and super husband! See you soon! Love ya!


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