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Remembering The Call..two years ago today

*The names of all birthparents have been changed to protect privacy*
Two years ago today we received a call that would change our lives.  The call when a sweet birthmother asked us to be parents.  This day seems to sneak up on me & we were talking about last night at dinner.  We remember I have kept the notes we took and they are tucked safely in Dane's baby book.  I want him to have access to every detail, and be able to ask any questions he may wonder about.

But, let me back up.

It was the Friday before Mother's Day, 2013.  I was teaching full-day kindergarten at the time & we had just had a big event that morning in my classroom for our mommies.  I had literally just sat down at my desk for my prep time when my phone rang.  Kirsh & Kirsh (our adoption attorneys).  Gulp.  What did we forget to turn in?  That was my first thought.  We had just finished our mountain of paperwork and submitted everything the week before in order to be "activ…

Summer Book Review

Growing up I always had my nose in a book.  At home, school, in the car, anywhere.  However, babies tend to put a hold on novels & instead I have found myself reading Duck & Goose, Where's Spot? & anything with a turnable flap.  (I would be happy to do a book review of my favorite children's books if any readers would like!)  The last few months I have returned to my love of novels & can't stop!  And the library?  You can actually borrow books & not have to pay $28 at Barnes & Noble for them.  #mindblown

Below is a short list of my favorite books as of late!

Gray Mountain by John Grisham

I haven't read Grisham since A Time To Kill & I missed him!  Great if you are looking for a good suspense to dive into!

For The Right Reasons by Sean Lowe

I have been watching The Bachelor since before this new cast was born.  Ok, maybe not that long - but definitely a long time.  This was a fun little read by my favorite Bachelor & it includes a lot of &q…

Friday Favorites

YAY, Friday!  I'm trying something fun & linking up with one of my new favorite mama bloggers, Erika, for Friday Favorites!  Here are some things I am loving right now...
I have four words.  The park is open.  Two more words.  Chris Pratt.  Get your popcorn, smuggle in your candy & run to the theatre.  

THE BEST chocolate chip cookie.  Google Sally's Baking Addiction "Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookie" & be prepared.  There are none better.  

I hate drinking water.  Like really hate it.  I could survive on two cups of coffee a day & rarely even drink anything for meals (I know, so bad).  However, a friend gave me the above tumbler & it has helped soothe my water hatred.  Check out Quest Hydration if you are a fellow water hater. 
Erin Condren Life Planner.  My sister-in-law bought my first few & I have been hooked ever since.  My whole life is in this thing.  They are pricey, but SO worth it.  The above picture is the design I ordere…

What's in my pool bag?

When I was growing up, my brother & I spent every single day at the pool.  My mom was a teacher which meant summers off, & our summer days were like Groundhog's Day.  Wake-up.  Eat breakfast. Watch tv while my mom did chores (I'm sure we helped at some point), pack up and go to the pool.  Stay all day.  Come home when my Dad got off work.  Eat dinner.  Catch lightning bugs.  Go to bed.   Repeat.
Pure bliss.

My mom always had a huge pool bag that was the equivalent to Mary Poppins' magic bag.  Need rings to throw?  Right here.  Want a snack?  Check this pouch.  Cheeks getting burnt?  10 types of sunscreen within arms reach.

Now that Dane is older and our pool days are getting longer, I knew I had to find the perfect pool bag for us.  I sit mine right on our lockers by the garage door & it is always packed & ready to go.  When we come in for the day, I usually clean out any leftover snacks & take out the towels (I don't wash every day, more like every…

Road Trip Trail Mix

About 6 years ago, I had a sweet kindergartner whose mama gave me this trail mix recipe.  Nothing fancy, which is something I have learned is a prerequisite for a busy mom.  No baking required, and so easy to change up!  I usually make it for any road trips we have coming up, but I find myself buying the ingredients in the summer a lot as well.  Happy snacking!  

Road Trip Trail Mix * serves a lot!*
3 cups Cinnamon Life (NOT Cinnamon Toast Crunch) 1 bag banana chips (unsweetened, I usually find at Wal-Mart) 4 cups Cheerios 1 bag yogurt raisins 2 cups honey roasted peanuts 2-3 cups pretzel sticks  Ziploc snack baggies 
Add all ingredients and stir well.  Divide into snack baggies.  These keep well (at least a week) and are great for road trips, pool days or just a healthy snack!  There are a lot of ways to change this up to your liking - add mini chocolate chips or marshmallows, different types of pretzels, chocolate-covered raisins, regular raisins, apple chips...the possibilities are…

Summer Bucket List

Summer is here.  Front porch sitting, watermelon slices, sun tans & flip flops.  Ahhhhh.   Below are a few things on our Summer Bucket List this year - what is on yours?  

Dear Summer,  I love you.

Monday edition!

Dane loves to eat.  Mom loves to cook.  We were a match from the start.  I knew even before we started thinking about children, that I wanted to make my child's baby food.  It was not because I was over health-conscious, or to save a ton of money...but just because I love to cook & it sounded fun.  I know so many mama friends who don't like to cook and/or don't have the problem!   And their kids are just fine.  :)  
We are all doing what works best for our families, and I think that is the most important thing to remember.  
I waited until Dane was 6 months old to start solids.  He didn't start sitting up until a little after turning 6 months anyway, so the timing was perfect.  A friend from church offered to bring her baby food maker & freezing trays & show me the ropes.  It really was unbelievably easy & in just a few hours we made weeks of baby food that could be stored in the freezer and conveniently thawed for meals.  Healthy foods + savi…