Wednesday, June 17

What's in my pool bag?

When I was growing up, my brother & I spent every single day at the pool.  My mom was a teacher which meant summers off, & our summer days were like Groundhog's Day.  Wake-up.  Eat breakfast. Watch tv while my mom did chores (I'm sure we helped at some point), pack up and go to the pool.  Stay all day.  Come home when my Dad got off work.  Eat dinner.  Catch lightning bugs.  Go to bed.   Repeat.
Pure bliss.

My mom always had a huge pool bag that was the equivalent to Mary Poppins' magic bag.  Need rings to throw?  Right here.  Want a snack?  Check this pouch.  Cheeks getting burnt?  10 types of sunscreen within arms reach.

Now that Dane is older and our pool days are getting longer, I knew I had to find the perfect pool bag for us.  I sit mine right on our lockers by the garage door & it is always packed & ready to go.  When we come in for the day, I usually clean out any leftover snacks & take out the towels (I don't wash every day, more like every other day) and replace them with new ones right away.  We have more beach towels than I have socks, so our supply is pretty stellar.   The pool bag is then restocked & ready to head out the door!

Below is everything I have in mine:

1) Thirty-One thermal tote.  I purchased this awhile ago and I don't think it is even technically a beach bag, but I use it as one.  It's huge, it zips & it's thermal so it will keep any snacks/drinks you have cold!

2) Land's End towel.  Otherwise known as the best pool towel ever.  I have two - both gifts from my sister's in law.  They are BIG & fluffy and cover a whole chair which is key in laying out (not that I lay out anymore, but still).  Plus the embroidery is a plus!  (All of these items are sitting on Dane's child-size towel which I always have in the bag as well.)

3) Thirty-One zipper pouch.  I bought this when I got tired of my sunscreens being all over the place.  Small zipper pouch that holds a lot!

4) Old Navy child's beach bag.  This was also a gift from a sister-in-law (I seriously am 3/3 on sister-in-law quality) and it fits inside my big bag.  Inside are all of Dane's pool necessities: toys, swim diapers, beach hats, snacks, & a change of clothes.  You never know when a toddler will go rogue on you & you have to bounce fast.  A change of clothes + a regular diaper are key.  I wasn't nearly as prepared this summer for pool toys & one minute in the baby pool with other kids clearly made me make a mandatory trip to Wal-Mart for more toys.  I mean, doesn't every kid need 4 types of water guns?!  Yikes.  Back in my pool days we had these fancy toys called quarters (sometimes pennies too) that my mom would throw in and we would fish out.  Ahhh, the good 'ol days.

5) The product of my Wal-Mart run.  $3 fishing net and plastic fish.  Actually pretty cute and I guess encourages good hand-eye coordination, plus fine motor skills - so I'll approve!

6) Plastic bags.  Probably the most important component of my pool bag.  When were going through the adoption process, I had several baby showers to help prepare.  One of the best pieces of advice I got from a friend was to "keep a lot of Kroger sacks in the house."  I thought it was strange at first, but I use them every day (sorry Earth!)  I keep a stash in my car and in my pool bag too.  They are perfect for wet clothes, dirty diapers, any lunch trash, etc.  Thank you friend for that advice - long live Kroger sacks!

And that is pretty much it.   All of these items surprisingly fit well in my bag, which I love!  I wish there was a 7) that included trashy magazines and/or books, but I have come to terms that those days are over.  And I am ok with that!  

What all do you have in your pool bag that I should add to mine?  Please share!

And, Happy Pool Days.

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