Monday, June 15

Road Trip Trail Mix

About 6 years ago, I had a sweet kindergartner whose mama gave me this trail mix recipe.  Nothing fancy, which is something I have learned is a prerequisite for a busy mom.  No baking required, and so easy to change up!  I usually make it for any road trips we have coming up, but I find myself buying the ingredients in the summer a lot as well.  Happy snacking!  

Road Trip Trail Mix
* serves a lot!*

3 cups Cinnamon Life (NOT Cinnamon Toast Crunch)
1 bag banana chips (unsweetened, I usually find at Wal-Mart)
4 cups Cheerios
1 bag yogurt raisins
2 cups honey roasted peanuts
2-3 cups pretzel sticks 
Ziploc snack baggies 

Add all ingredients and stir well.  Divide into snack baggies.  These keep well (at least a week) and are great for road trips, pool days or just a healthy snack!  There are a lot of ways to change this up to your liking - add mini chocolate chips or marshmallows, different types of pretzels, chocolate-covered raisins, regular raisins, apple chips...the possibilities are endless!  
Ditch your boring granola bars & make this today!

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