Monday, September 24

Make someone's day for $1.

Dollar bins. Whoever came up with this concept is a genius. You can never spend exactly $1 in the dollar way, jose. You can also never go into Target without dropping $100 either. Whoever invented Target is a genius too, & a billionaire I'm sure. Just like Scrooge from the hit 1990s cartoon "Duck Tales." My brother & I used to watch that show everyday after school. Remember Scrooge diving into his pool of gold coins? I bet that is what the inventor of Target does.

Back to the topic. I like it when someone makes my day. I have had people pay for my Starbucks, compliment me on a day when I wasn't feeling pretty, leave yummy treats on my desk, & send me flowers. Flowers always make my day. So, its fun to make someone else's day too. This is where the dollar bin comes into play. It's quite easy.

1. Drive to Target. Stop by McDonald's for a diet coke first. It helps when choosing your "make someone's day supplies."

2. Cruise the dollar bin. Don't forget to look & purchase meaningless things also like "Happy Fall Y'All" blocks or plastic organizing bins that you end up losing.

3. Pick out cute stationary.

4. Go home & write a nice note to a friend or family member. Or both.

5. Slap a stamp on it & mail.

BAM. There you have it. A fast & easy way to make someone's day for $1.

Now, go drop it like it's hot. Your dollar that is. Or in my case, my credit card. I never carry cash. This presents a problem when I forget my card & go to get gas after being on "E" for 2 days & then have to ask a nice lady next to me for money so I can get home. Hmmm...really wish I had her address to send a card to.

And don't forget about me: My address is...Well, Dev wouldn't like me broadcasting our address over the world wide web. So, if you really want to send me a card though, e-cards are 50% as effective in making someone's day as well.

Have a happy week, cupcakes (with sprinkles).

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