Friday, September 7

I'm sorry, Tyler.

After a girl is grown, her little brother, now her protector, seems like a big brother.
~ Terri Guillemets

29 years ago, I was one. My mom wasn't feeling well & went to the doctor. Surprise! She was pregnant. With which she replied, "Um, I already have a baby at home." James "Tyler" Vestile was born on August 25th 1983...making us a little over a year apart in age. Wasn't he just a peach?

I'm sorry for a lot of things in my life. Like not taking piano lessons or trying harder in spanish class. But this post is dedicated to my brother & things I am sorry about related to him.

I'm sorry Tyler...for being a sourpuss at your birthday party. I just wanted presents, too.

I'm sorry Tyler...for always dressing you up like a girl, and subjecting you to neighborhood beauty pageants and Save The Dolphin clubs (Vice President, always. Never President.)

I'm sorry Tyler...for not teaching you how to dance before my wedding. Because your dancing skillz are less than caliber.

I'm sorry Tyler...for not learning how to ride a bike until jr. high & making you trail me everywhere on the back of yours.

I'm sorry Tyler...for not being able to sleep 3 years ago until I beat Super Mario Brothers 1, so you had to get out of bed, come over & do it for me. And, I'm equally sorry it took you twice as long to beat it because your furry niece kept interupting you.

I'm sorry Tyler...for convincing you that dying your hair Eminem style was cool. Well, it was cool in 1999.

I'm sorry Tyler...for selling all of your Abercrombie clothes to Plato's Closet in highschool. But I really needed money to go shopping, Tyler.

I think that's about it for now, Tyler. Thank you for being the best brother ever and always offering to take my spankings for me when I got in trouble. I hope I have been a good sister to you.

You're my superhero.

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