Ten ways...& a new blog design!

Hey peeps!
I got a new blog design...hooray! Thanks to Lindsey at Designer Blogs for this cute new look. I stumbled upon her website one night & her designs are incredible & super fun!

Something else I stumbled upon one night...THIS.

Do you agree? I do, with everything except #10. I haven't joined the pinterest world yet (gasp!). I hear that people are just obsessed with it, and I really like to be obsessed with things. Like the Twilight books, OPI nail polish, wearing the same Phi Mu sweatshirt to bed every night, or my latest obsession - coconut flavored coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. Like whoa. Good thing it doesn't have any calories or I would be in T-R-O-U-B-L-E. But pinterest? It hasn't been written in my obsession book yet. If I want to know how to do or make something, I just search online. So, someone show me your pinterest secrets so I can become obsessed too!

Use one of these ten ways & make your day GREAT & your Labor Day weekend as well! I will definitely be doing #1, #5, & #8. And DC? He will be working on #7...and that is getting my Fall things down from storage.

It's time for this bad boy to make an appearance.

Later gators.


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