Saturday, August 4

name game

Hey bloggers & bloggettes! I decided to join your world. Why? No reason really; it seems like everyone is doing it these days & I was in the mood for something fun. And also in the mood for hard work too, I guess. It took me hours to just to come up with a good name. Good thing I'm not indecisive...not. I thought "A is for Abs" would work because I am a kindergarten teacher and I deal with the alphabet for a living. And, "Abs" has been my nickname for years (can't even remember who started it), so presto chango - my blog name. Yay!

I'm doing this just for fun. I'm not a mom yet so I don't have any good mom-ish advice (other than not to put lifejackets on your kids in the baby pool when you are within arms reach of them. That's why they are in the baby pool, they can touch.), I don't sew my own curtains or whittle kitchen tables, and I don't bake Julia Child-worthy dishes. But, I am a great "have funner" (I teach kindergarten, remember? My kids make up words all day long so I get to also) and I love life with my hubs, my family, my pup & my friends. I'm just trying to live my happily ever after one day at a time. That's all for now!
~ abs

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