Thursday, August 16

I like nice people.

HAPPY almost Friday! Don't you just love waking up on Friday mornings? I do! You have the whole weekend of ahead of you, more pep in your step, a bigger you're ready to take on the world!

I love Fridays. And nice people. Which is what I am trying to be more of...nice. This summer, I did a weekly "bucket list" of 3-4 things I wanted to accomplish each week. They were simple & fun, my kind of list. A couple of things that made the mini-bucket list cut: go on a date-night bike ride, try a new recipe every night, call my grandparents, make a stranger happy.

My favorite "make a stranger happy" project was making these gas station tags on our road trip to Florida. I got the idea from one of my favorite blogger's of ALL time...Kelle Hampton. She is an amazing, positive person, & just an incredible lover of life.
Every time we stopped for gas, I tied one of these babies on. Easy & fun.

Here are few more things that are sure to brighten anyone's weekend...try them out!
You will find that doing these things will make you happy too - double yay.

Pay for someone's coffee.
Write a handwritten appreciation note to a friend or family member.
Bake a yummy treat for a neighbor.
Compliment a mama on how well-behaved her children are.
Leave a book note.

I am super excited about this last one & I'm going to try it out this weekend.
Type up a little note, head to your local bookstore & stick it in a random book.
Instant happiness when the person opens their new book to read.

happy weekend to you.
may you find yourself surrounded by niceness!
~ abs

pay for someone's coffee
book notes
appreciation card
bake for your neighbors
compliment a mom on their child

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