Tuesday, August 7


5878...where I live. We moved from 4132 last year. It was a great house & we had a lot of happy times there, but we wanted something roomier for adding Carter kids into the mix someday. We said goodbye to 4132 a year ago, and 5878 is starting to feel like home now. Lots of pictures, candles, comfy couches & huge beds help. Definitely huge beds. Best money we ever spent, in my opinion.
It's fun to sleep in different zip codes!

Now, let me tell you a story about my first week at 5878. It was a hot summer day last July & I was on my way to our new neighborhood pool. I live for pools. And good deals at TJ Maxx. I stepped outside quickly (in my bikini, I was in a hurry) to let Libby go to the bathroom. The door locked behind me. Instant panic. No one was around, I had no key, no garage door opener...nothing. And, I'm still in my bikini, barefoot, with a black ball of fur running around crazy because now she is hot. After standing frozen in panic for 10 minutes, I walk across the street and start knocking on random people's doors. Nothing. More panic. Finally, my 20-something single neighbor opens his door and there I am. Don't forget - bikini clad. I blurt out something like "Locked out, no phone, dog crazy, help me." He proceeds to get his phone, which does not help in any way because 0 family members answer. Great. I then blurt out something like, "Can you open it with a credit card? And, hi I'm Abigail. I just moved in." So, my 20-something new neighbor (very nice, might I add), my bikini clad-barefoot self & my hot ball of fur (who now has managed to entangle me in her leash) walk across the street with a credit card in hand. Magic! The door opens, out comes a "thank you soooo much, I'm so sorry, I usually don't look this bad" and slam the door. Whew. Stressful first week at 5878. Then it took me 3 months to show my face again.

Below are some of my favorite spots in 5878. Now, if it would magically clean itself the world would be complete...

I'll be back soon to give you a tour of my other beach house! Oh wait, I don't have a beach house. Boo. One can dream though. Tell me, what are YOUR favorite house spots?

On a random note, I made cocoa peanut butter oatmeal for breakfast and it was divine. I may or may not have eaten it straight from the pan. It's from & I'm obsessed. This girl is straight up adorable & makes delicious, low-fat, low-carb things. Double bonus. I can't wait to stalk her everyday.

Now go give someone a hug.
~ abs

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