Sunday, August 5

abc's of me

Second post...woo! In honor of this blog name, here are the abc's of me.

A is for Abs...doy. Read "about me" off to the right. Holla.
B is for brother. Tyler is his name; well Dr. Vestile to be exact. He just started his residency. Guess he got the brains in the family. I got the looks. j/k,'re cute.
C is for coffee. Any kind, any time, anywhere. I would drink it in a boat, or with a goat.
D is for Devin. My main squeeze, hubs, lover, bff, personal slave, and man-friend. He is a really good "have funner" too. More on him later. Pretty cute, huh?
E is for exercise. I love it & hate it. But mostly hate it.
F is for family & friends. Not lacking in this department. I have some crazy good friends and an amaaaaaazing family. Church family as well. I'm a blessed little lady. I see posts on f&f in the future.
G is for grocery shopping. I LOVE going to the grocery, I mean really love it. I try to think of excuses to go every day.
H is for hair. I have a lot of it. I was once called "lion mane" in college (and not on nice terms). Ah win some, you lose some.
I is for in my car. All the time. I drive 45 minutes to school each day, so my car is my second home. Just not as clean.
J is for job. I teach 3 feet tall-5 year olds & I love every minute. Except for when they think my husband is my grandpa.
K is for kids. I don't have any now, but hopefully someday. It's in the 5-10 year plan.
L is for Libby. My 15 pound fur baby. More on her later.
M is for movies. DC & I go to the movies A LOT. Like we spend a crazy amount at the theatre. Oh well, we could be spending $$ on something far worse, right?
N is for new recipes. It's fun to try them out. Send me your favorite new recipe!
O is for off. As in lights off. I hate light & try to have on as little as possible.
P is for pretty. Pretty jewels. I sell Stella&Dot with my bestie. Check out my turquoise bling!
Q is for quarters. What I always use to pay for my $1 diet cokes from McDonald's. Can't live without those.
R is for rap music. Nelly, Jay-Z, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Eminem...I don't discriminate. What can put you in a better mood more than Big Pimpin' or Country Grammar after a long day?
S is for Smartwater. I know, it's expensive...but it's by far the best water EVER. Really.
T is for trash tv. A weakness. Any show having to do with dating, teen pregnancy, celebrity families, dancing, or general weirdness & I'm there. Don't judge. Ok, you can. I know it's bad.
U is for underwear. Like in the laundry. I don't ever do laundry. My man-friend does it all & that's another reason why he's so awesome.
V is for Vestile. My maiden name that no one could ever pronounce. I always had to line up at the end when called alphabetically. Not anymore. Woo hoo, Carter.
W is for world traveler. Something I want to be. DC & I are getting pretty good at it, too.
X is for exxxxxciting. Things that make me excited: Friday nights, breakfast dates, a new coffee mug.
Y is for yay. Yay for pictures, books, and pedicures. Definitely pedicures.
Z is for zzzzzz's. I get plenty of these. Sundays are "take a 3-5 hour nap day" and I'm always out the minute my head hits a pillow anywhere.

Tell me the abc's of YOU...I want to know. Now go chase your happiness.
~ abs


  1. I don't see Long family chronicles on your blog roll??? hahaha! :)

  2. ha! just added it! especially after reading your latest...I def need to making those yummy things, STAT! :)


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