Thursday, December 6

How can I make it better?

4:30, Wednesday, long day with the little people, tired, cranky.

Solution? This place.

I pull up, order my drink & get ready to pay when the male barista (love that name, by the way) kindly asks how my day was. I reply with, "Ok." I really just wanted my coffee & to go in peace.

His reply, "Well, how can I make it better?"

We lock eyes, then both look at the drink...and he knows I am going to say "a free drink." Barista smiles...and then says, "Besides a free drink." Of course. I then reply with - "Ok, you can do a dance." Smugly thinking he would never do a dance. Much to my surprise, he pulled out some running man moves right there in the drive-thru. And, some jazz hands. Extra points for jazz hands. Mission accomplished. He made my day better. I thanked him & went on my way.

I thought about him & our conversation all the way home. Often times when people ask others how their day was and they reply with "ok, fine, crummy" the natural response is to say, "I'm sorry" or "hope it gets better" & move on with their business. Because, let's face it...sometimes we ask how people's days were, but we don't really care. I've done it, I'm sure you've done it too.

So, next time try asking someone how you can help make their day better. I know I'm going to try it. While at the same time knowing that a hot Christmas-y drink can usually make anything better. And running man moves, too.

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