Monday, May 19

hello, monday.

Hello, Monday.

Hello crib smiles.  The best part of my everyday.

Hello coffee.  And hello a second cup, too.

Hello organized, clean bottles.  A reminder of how wonderful my husband is, and a reminder that a baby still lives here.

Hello Mother's Day gifts.

Hello brother's wedding invitation.  Still proudly displayed on the refrigerator, even though the wedding was over a week ago.

Hello morning top-knots.  Which will be afternoon & evening top-knot as well.

Not pictured: Hello DWTS finale & hello Bachelorette.  I'm more excited about this than I probably should be.

What are you saying hello to today?

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  1. Precious!!!! Hello 3 bedroom apartment with 2 crazy boys! Hello Kings Island date with my big guy while little guy was at preschool! Hello pediatrician for Dez's poor eye that has a sty again....Hello to a week on my own after only being here a week while Matt is away on travel! And...hello to you my beautiful friend! I miss you and love you!!!!!


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