Friday, April 11

Coffee Date Friday

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you these five things...

* The hubs, baby & I had a fantastic trip to Florida last week.  However, gone are the days of not moving all day from your beach towel in the sand .  Babies cramp that style.  Post on that soon!

*  Dane is rolling over, shrieking, laughing & just overall doing things to add to the Cutest Boy Ever mental scrapbook in my brain.

*  My baby brother is getting married in less than a month.  It's time for Dane to have some Vestile cousins.

* My new favorite show is Resurrection...mysterious, impossible to ever happen, & starring Omar Epps.  What more could you ask for?

* I am saying goodbye to this special lady this weekend.  My Mamaw.  The woman who taught me how to make an apple pie from scratch, whom I could listen to for hours, and whose marriage advice was simply "always tell the truth."  She was married for over 60 years.  I'de say that was pretty good advice.  I'm so glad she was able to meet Dane.

And boy, did I love having coffee with her.  Love you, Mamaw.


  1. So sorry to hear about your Mamaw. What a special picture!! Makes me tear up just looking at it.

  2. Hey sweetie, been praying for you and your family. LOVE the picture of Mamaw with Dane, priceless and such a precious memory. Here are 5 things I would tell you:
    1) Paperwork sucks when you are working with relocation and just want to get your house listed to sell...grrrr, will finally be on the market tomorrow.
    2) keeping your home looking good with now 4 year old (!) and 5 year old boy is NOT easy
    3) House hunting in an area where you have never been is tough
    4) Being a stay at home mom is tough, praying for my sanity this week as the boys are on spring break. Having said that, wouldn't change it for anything!!!
    5) I miss you!!!!!

    Love ya!


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