Sunday, March 17

Sunday Snapshots

 This was supposed to be titled "Friday Faves" it's 10pm on Sunday night.  Enter Sunday Snapshots.  Hey - flexibility is my middle name.  Here are my favorite, happiest, most fun pictures from the week!  If you follow me on instagram (@acarter402) then you have already seen them.  My apologies for your boredom, then.   Some things you can do to ease boredom: read a magazine, call a friend, come clean my house.

one// fun cupcake for my nephew.  with obnoxiously blue icing.  sorry, parents.

two// my sharp dressed man.

three// wine & cleaning party with my mama.  you can guess who did what.

four//  titanic pose while sleeping.  my heart will go on.

five//  good luck flowers.  I will never, ever, ever (times infinite) get tired of receiving flowers.

six//  date with my daddy to see OZ.  it was wicked.

seven// oh, just my baby's crib.  read this if you are highly confused.

eight// nosy little girl.

nine// treats for a special visitor.

Hooray for the start of Spring this week.  Do something "springy" for someone. 


  1. Looks like a great time! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award... I hope you can check it out and participate at


    1. Aw, THANK YOU Danielle! You're so sweet! I will fill out the answers and link up to you asap!
      ~ abigail :)


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