Monday, March 4

This looks cute!

I like cute things.
Puppy paws, a colorful mug, my nephew after he wakes up, Dev's wallet my wallet after getting paid.

I like friends.
You know who you are.

I like friends who make cute things.

Meet Stacy.

I met this adorable, Charlize Theron look-alike 8 years ago when I started teaching 10 feet down the hall from her.  Come to find out...she grew up in DC's hometown, she went to Hanover College (one of my greatest loves EVER), she was a cheerleader there (like me!), AND we are sorority sistas.  Well...except one of us graduated a few years before the other one got there.  I won't say who.
But, her name rhymes with Lacy.  Sorry, Stace.
You still look like you're 20.  Especially when you get to hang out in London in cool phone booths.

Stacy has it all - the looks, the brains, the creativity.  She is an amazing teacher, wife, mother, friend & now business owner!  She opened her own etsy shop called "This Looks Cute." A to the dorable.  Check out her cute headbands & hair clippies and you'll definitely catch yourself saying "This looks cute!"

My favorites are the bunny clippies (helllllo Easter basket!), & the Mickey headbands and clippies.  I mean...what little girl wouldn't want a sparkly Mickey Mouse gemstone in her hair?  I only wish I would have had some 2 years ago on our trip to Disney.  It would have made me feel better when DC said he wouldn't be paying for us to stay in Cinderella's castle overnight.  Scrooge.

Do you have a daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, friend, or just complete stranger that needs to have their day brightened up?  Then, check out Stacy's cute shop at

And, because I like my friends the first person to email me at will get their choice of anything from Stacy's shop!  My inbox will be waiting.

Go kiss something cute this week.
Even if it's dressed like a character from The Goonies.


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