Tuesday, January 22

life list.

Life is short. So, I wrote a life list. A list of 100 things I want to do before my time is up. I have been keeping ideas in my phone for a while, just typing them in one by one, here & there. Crossing things off the list that I accomplish, adding more, the list doesn't have to end - I guess.

Life listing is super should try it.
You will probably learn a lot about yourself.

So, from the simple, (#23)
to the most HUMOROUS (#31)
the now impossible, (#27)
and sometimes extravagant, (#89)

here are my dreams.

1. Take a Chicago boat tour
2. Drive up the east coast in a convertible
3. Own an old-fashioned perfume bottle with a pump
4. Grow out my nails
5. Slide shot glasses across a bar
6. Go to the movies by myself
7. Fly fish in a river while wearing tall rubber pants
8. Take surfing lessons & stand up on my own
9. Camp outside a store for a big Christmas gift on black Friday
10. Take a helicopter ride over a volcano
11. Lay in bed all day with DC, watch movies, & eat junk
12. Buy someone's groceries
13. Swim with dolphins
14. Visit Neverland
15. Sit in a yellow Lamborghini
16. Adopt a shelter animal
17. Cook something new every night for a month
18. Ice skate in Central Park
19. Learn how to juggle
20. Walk on stilts
21. Be called Mom
22. Ride in a hot air balloon
23. Plant a garden
24. Be in the front row for a Nelly concert
25. Hold enough helium balloons that they pick me up
26. Stop drinking diet coke...for at least a year
27. Be a back-up dancer for Michael Jackson RIP
28. Go meatless
29. Give an entire season of clothes away to a single girl in need
30. Read a newspaper
31. Follow my Dad around at work one day & try to figure out what he does
32. Go on several mission trips
33. Ride in a gondola in Venice while wearing a black & white striped shirt
34. Go on a safari
35. Read the Bible from cover to cover
36. Visit the Home Alone house and yell "Kevin!"
37. Spend a week with my college girlfriends
38. Actually enjoy working out
39. Make homemade sushi
40. Adopt a baby
41. Go unplugged for a week
42. Watch a surgery
43. Write a children's book
44. Learn how to sew clothes
45. Sit in the front row of a fashion show in NYC
46. Fly a diamond-shaped kite with bows on the string like in coloring books
47. Learn how to use chop sticks
48. Attend a Bat Mitzvah
49. Pop a champagne bottle with friends in celebration
50. Watch someone give birth
51. Have a house on the beach
52. Witness sea turtles being born
53. Take piano lessons
54. Tour Buckingham Palace
55. Volunteer at a prison
56. Spend an entire day at the movies
57. Sit in a hot spring
58. Hold a koala on my hip
59. Bake a pie from scratch with my grandma & Mom
60. Own a house with a pool
61. Open a US map to a random city & go there
62. Have a bulldog named Junior
63. Be a Big Sister/Big Brother mentor
64. Teach an adult how to read
65. Help out with a natural disaster
66. Get a tattoo
67. Be in Times Square for the ball drop on NYE
68. Drive a European car
69. Slide down a fireman's pole
70. Meet a person with my exact first, middle & last name
71. Win a bake-off
72. Get a book from a rolling ladder in an old library
73. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
74. Eat shrimp on a sailboat
75. Ride in a motorcycle sidecar with goggles on and a scarf blowing in the wind
76. Surprise someone with a car topped with a giant bow
77. See the Hollywood sign
78. Be debt free, including the mortgage
79. Go horseback riding on the beach
80. Try acupuncture
81. Start & keep a prayer journal
82. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
83. Go dog sledding
84. Mine for gold
85. Go through a secret door by pulling on a candlestick
86. Float in the Dead Sea
87. Go on vacation with my brother
88. Sleep on a train
89. Own a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes
90. See a tornado
91. Travel in a private plane
92. Ride in a one horse open sleigh
93. Give birth
94. Swim in a shark cage
95. Host Thanksgiving
96. Ride in a red train down a San Francisco street
97. Lay out on one of the top-rated most beautiful beaches in the world
98. Go on a cross-country RV trip with DC
99. Attend a black tie gala
100. Be happy.

My apologies for the lack of pictures in this post.
But, I think it's easy to visualize me doing #75, right?!

Share your life list...I would love to read it.
happy dreaming.

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