Tuesday, April 16


"We're going on cation" as my sweet nephew called it.

Otherwise known as Spring Break to a 3-year old.  The sand is brighter when looked at through the eyes of a little boy.  The ocean is bigger.  The waves louder.  The smell...that's the same though.   There is nothing quite like the smell of a sea breeze.  Throw in some dead fish after a storm though, aaaaannd not as nice.  You win some, you lose some.

Here are some of my favorites from the week.  Dinners out, dinners in, glorious seafood, twin tots, game night, Easter Sunday.  And, the beach.  I'll see you next year.  That's a promise.

Behold.  The cream of the crop.  Two screaming kids, one that looks like Michael Jackson, and two adoptive parents-to-be.  It's enough to make our social worker crumple up her report, toss her clipboard & run for the hills.  (please don't!)  We really are good with kids.
Just not when they are hungry & ready to leave the house.

Let's not forget my instagram faves.  Man, do I love The Gram.

I can't wait for my next "cation."  I hope that it has something to do with a Gondola, on a street of water, with a man wearing black & white.

Where is your dream "cation"?

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  1. Great pictures! I need to get to the beach stat! My FAV cations ever were Europe and Costa Rica. Getting a massage out in the middle of a rain forest is something ALL women need to get at some point in their life! I'd love to get to Australia sometime as holding a koala is on my bucket list! PS - totally a new follower and I hope you stop by to follow back!


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