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Guest Post...SPRING BREAK 2013!

Meet Jenni. 

This lovely lady is the director of The Happy Bod...a holistic based company based out of LA.  She & her actor husband live in LA with their two kitties.  Yes, I said actor.  I'm hoping that Bryce will be on SNL one day and get me tickets to the show....pretty please! 

Jenni also doubled as my roomie in college.  Sometimes Most times I didn't pick up my clothes & our room was a mess.  Sorry, Jenni.  Sometimes she and I would get lazy and park at the President's house on campus if we couldn't find a parking space.  Sorry, Prez.  Along with being roomies & sorority sistas we also were on the dance team together & enjoyed shakin' it like a polaroid picture. 

Read her advice on staying healthy over spring break!

SPRING BREAK 2013- wooooooh! Am I right?

Slow down one quick second, party people, and let's talk about staying healthy while you're on vacation!

On-The-Go Snacking
·         Stock your purse/hotel room with real food, portable, healthy snacks like nuts, fresh fruit and hard boiled eggs to avoid eating junk on the plane, or from the mini bar or vending machine.

Staying Hydrated
·         Planes have EXTREMELY low humidity - so prepare by drinking extra water the days leading up to your trip, and drink 8 oz of water every hour during the flight (bring
·         your own filtered and reusable water bottle so you don't have to flag down the flight attendant every time you need a refill!)
·         Avoid salty snacks and alcohol while flying.
·         Start every morning of your trip with a large glass of water.
      Dehydration is the biggest cause of vacation bueno!

Healthy Eating & Drinking
·         Don't forget to eat a healthy breakfast that will keep you full and ready for long days of fun! In a continental situation look for toast with peanut butter, scrambled eggs and a side of fruit instead of sugary pastries, syrups and cereals.
·         Opt for red wine with your dinner instead of fancy mixed drinks like margaritas and piña coladas (120 calories vs. 350+ calories).
·         Remember you can indulge in fabulous local cuisine and still use a little common sense- fill half your plate with produce, and look for foods in their natural state.
·         Heavy and cream-based foods will only make you too tired and sluggish to have fun after dinner!

·         Bring a foldable yoga mat, lightweight running shoes or an exercise band to make working out possible during your trip.
·         Exercise first thing when you wake up so you have the entire day ahead of you feeling refreshed and energized.
·         Enjoy potential local exercise options like beach walking or salsa dancing!

Happy spring break, you crazy kid! Have fun and be safe out there!

About The Happy Bod
Jennifer Wissel is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Director of The Happy Bod. She works with clients to make small adjustments in diet and lifestyle that have big impact on their overall health and wellness. | (310) 868-8204 |

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