Wednesday, April 3

GUEST POST: M is for Maxine

Hi! I'm Maxine and I write about random nonsense over at MAXOUT.

You can call me Max though.

When Abigail asked me to guest blog I immediately responded "A is for Absolutely!"

This girl is fun and stylish! but I don't know why I'm telling you, you obviously know how A is for Awesome she is.

Side story: when I first started following her, I thought the "abs" was "6 pack abs." Thankfully it wasn't because that would've been weird.

Since A is for Abs, I thought I would do a M is for Maxine today. Original. I know. But follow me here, I may be on to something...

M is for million. No, sadly, I'm not a millionaire. However my name goes perfectly with it. Max-a-million or maximillion, I never understood the different spellings. I always thought the A looked better. Million has made my life so much easier. I used it in every class officer election in middle and high school and it's given people a name to call me other than maxi.... ahem... don't finish that.

A is for Anchor. I'm no sailor or a sorority girl, but rather a news anchor. I've been sitting behind a news desk for the past 2 years, before that I was a reporter. It's no secret that I love my job but it's also challenging at times (like most jobs) I wouldn't change my career path for the world.

X is for xoxo. (crap, there just has to be an X in my name) that's how I sometimes sign my letters. that's all i have for that one.

I is for Instagram. aka the new facebook. is it me or is everyone else annoyed with facebook? No... I will not like your post just so YOU can get a puppy. Dumb. The filters hide my dark circles and make me look tan... you can't hate on that.

N is for News. obviously, my life wouldn't be complete without the news. I'm obsessed. I wake up and read the headlines (first celebrities, then actual news) #priorities

E is for eating. Y'all, I eat a lot. Since starting CrossFit I probably consume 3 times the amount of what I used to eat. I also run. I don't necessarily always eat healthy (as I'm stuffing a reeses egg in my mouth) but I eat clean as much as I can.

What does your name stand for? Head on over to my blog, and let me know!


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