Friday, July 26

Coffee Date Friday

If we were having coffee this week, I would tell you...

* I am have a girls dinner tonight with 4 of my sorority besties.  I know sororities get a bad rap.  
More on that topic next week.  

* This week's obsessions have included watermelon & mango. 
 Never had a mango until about 3 weeks ago.  Big mistake.  Huge.

* I had brunch with my mama this week.  
The combination of a victorian house, iced tea with lemon & a window seat is good for the soul.

* School is drawing me back in.  So, I recruited 4 previous Carter kids to help with classroom prepping.     Otherwise known as the best idea ever.

* DC got a new job as an administrator & I am over the moon proud of him.  
I am also over the moon excited that I will get to call him Mr. Belding for the rest of his life.

What 5 things would you share if we had coffee?

Happy weekend to you!  Hope your to-do list is as full as this one. 


  1. Have fun tonight!:)
    1) Not feeling super great this week, but powering through
    2) Tristan starts kindergarten one month from today, freaking out!!!!
    3) I am having my first ever real "party" for Tristan tomorrow. I am no Martha Stewart so this could turn out very interesting.
    4) The weather has cooled off substantially the last couple of days, Mrs. Hotflash is happy:)
    5) I miss you!!!!!


    1. Take pictures of the big par-tay, Rene! And I miss YOU!!!!!!! xoxo

  2. My five things:
    1. Had a Girls Night Out on Tuesday and it was needed more than I realized.
    2. Faith and Josiah turn 7 and 5 in August. I don't like my babies getting older.
    3. I am still praying for your new bundle of joy.
    4. I am missing home really bad lately, esp the beach.
    5. I gave up sweets again. Not sure how long I will go this time, last time it was 120 days.
    I know there isn't a #6, but happy for D's new job.


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