Wednesday, July 10


Well wishes & big hugs from family & friends.
Mounds of tissue paper.
Buttery soft onesies & fuzzy blankets.
Frosted cupcakes & chocolate dipped Oreos.
Advice from seasoned mamas.
Smiles.  Love.
These details have filled my time the last two weekends.

My Step-Mom & future sister-in-law threw my first baby shower two weeks ago & it was perfect.  These amazing ladies went all out from trail mix-filled baby food jars, to a decorated diaper station.  The house was laced with baby pictures of my family growing up & included a very special of DC & I on the day we officially started the adoption process.  It's the little details that mean so much.  I came home with a car load of baby gifts & feelings of love for this little one who I haven't even met yet.

This past weekend I was once again blessed with another shower thrown by two of my closest college girlfriends.  Almost ten years since graduation (ugh, that is literally painful to type), and as we quoted through texts on Sunday, WE are each other's details.  Forget about fancy clothes, custom-made curtains or the newest electronic device....friendship trumps all of that.  I walked into a house & was surrounded with the smells of fresh coffee & blueberry muffins, gazed at brightly colored decor & peeked inside a Pack N' Play overflowing with gifts.  For my baby.  

Below are the highlights from these wonderful weekends of celebration.

Thank you to Tisha, Jenna, Jennifer & Blair for everything.  If I know anything, it is this.  
This baby is unbelievably loved by so many.  And, the rest...are the details.

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  1. What site are you using for your photo collages? All of the ones I have found make teeny tiny pictures. Thanks!


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