A list of good things.

1.  Sleeping in...& sleeping in some more.
2.  Having a messy house, & not caring one little bit.
3.  New dresses.
4.  Baby shower(s)...yes plural.  Pictures coming soon!
5.  Watching the town fireworks with just my love, about 10 feet from our house.
6.  S'mores by the campfire.
7.  Betting on horses...& winning $8!  #itsthelittlethings
8.  Friends & funny faces.
9.  Diner breakfast.
10.  Not putting make-up on.

What's on your list of good things?


  1. 1. Having hubbie home for a 4 day weekend:)
    2. Pool season!
    3. Books!!!!!
    4. Chocolate:)
    5. Relaxing with my man watching Redbox movies
    6. Hearing my boys say "love you mom"
    7. Fresh, clean, warm sheets out of the dryer that I am getting ready to sleep on:)

    Love ya!

    1. LOOOOVE clean/warm sheets out of the dryer...it's like a new bed every time! And, I can't WAIT for someone to say I love you, Mom to me! :) Love ya!

  2. I am all about cooking on the grill, days at the beach, not blow drying my hair and no makeup!!!

    1. Love your list, Kerry! Especially days at the beach! :)

  3. Seeing good friends :), little sun-kissed cheeks, the smell of freshly-cut lawns, pineapple-coconut candles, riding bikes!
    <3 your cute blog, Abigail!

    1. Ooooh yes to pineapple coconut candles, for sure! xoxo


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