Those girls.

I wish I had a lot of things.  Like the ability to snap my fingers & be anywhere in the world, an unlimited supply of Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee & Halle Berry's body.  Without working out or eating healthy, of course.

I don't have to wish for great friendships though, because I have those.  And I am forever blessed.  In college, I joined a sorority freshman year.  LIOB to my Phi Mu sistas.  Sorority life was fab-u-lous, and I know there are a lot of haters out there.  Haters can hate...but who doesn't love sharing closets with 30+ girls, having your BFF on call 24/7 & getting your meals cooked for you every day?  But in between the weekly chapter meetings, fraternity pranks & karaoke on Friday nights, true friendships were formed.  And since my college days, I have formed other true friendships through work, church, my neighborhood & even from this little blog.  What can I say, friends rule.

True friendship requires time.  And, I am the first to admit I am not always up to putting in the leg work. Calls don't get returned, birthdays are missed, emails are lost.  But still, those girls.  Those girls are always there for me.  Stepping out of work to call when bad news was given.  Sending weekly cards while I wait to join them in motherhood.  Meeting for drinks to just talk, laugh & reminisce.   Texting a funny picture or leaving a favorite treat at my classroom door.  It's the little things that make big friendships last.  

So, thank you to those girls who put in the time to make our friendship last.  I know you'll always be there....even if I'm not.

What do you do to make your friendships last?

And, Halle if you're reading this...I'm coming after ya.  ;)


  1. Love this!!!! I totally agree that true friendship does take effort! So glad I take the effort with you and vise versa:) Love ya!

    1. Thanks, girlie! And you are the queen of putting in the effort...wish I was more like you! Your cards get me through the week! Love ya!

  2. It's a late night, and I'm up with a toothache :/, but delighted to find distraction in this great little post.
    The quote you posted 'sucked me in', because the dearest people to my heart are those who are happy when happy things happen for me, and are sad alongside me and are supportive when things are difficult. More importantly, they allow me to be part of their lives so I may do the same with them. Though I have many loved ones in my life, the list of dearest and best friends is short (most of them don't live anywhere near me), but I'm so blessed by all of them. What makes my dearest friendships last? Too many things to list in a little blog comment :), but grace (lots) and real love for each other (the 1 cor 13 kind), honesty, and lots and lots of prayer for one another definitely top the list for me.
    Great thoughts, Abigail. As much as your friends are a blessing to you, I'm sure you are just as much to them. I love counting you as a friend, and I love our special memories. I always wish for more time with you, and I'm praying alongside you and your journey to motherhood!

    1. Oh no - stupid toothache! Glad you liked the post! And, I'm not much of a "Live, Laugh, Love" quote person....but that one sucked me in too when I found it and I thought it was perfect! I totally agree on prayer keeping your friendships together! Thank you for your prayers for me and know that I pray for you guys, too! Hope to see you SOON! xoxo

  3. Hi! LOVE your blog also and also love connecting with other adoptive moms! Lots of prayers for you guys on your journey. It can be long and hard but, as I'm sure you've heard, it is so worth it when you have your little one. Let me know if you have any questions!

  4. Good friends don't keep score, that's why they are your friends. And those that knock sorority life never had your experience, or mine. And they probably didn't make life long friends like we did at HC.

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