Thursday, August 22

When you wish upon a star...or a gold chain.

6:30 am...last Thursday.  My phone rings.  BFF on the other line.  Dream about to come true:

Abs: Hello?
BFF: What are you doing?
Abs: Driving to school.
BFF: What concert would we absolutely die to go to?!
Abs: Nelly. (doy)
BFF: BINGO!  He's going to be Indy this weekend & you and I are going!
Abs: (scream), OK!  Details?! When? Where? How? (trying to keep the car on the road)

Let's back up.  If you know me at all, then you know that I: don't ever put caps on water bottles, I could live off Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee & I was born a gangsta.

Nelly encompasses my college career.  Getting ready to go out Friday night?  Blast Ride Wit Me.  In the car with 10 girls to hit up the $1 tanning bed in town?  Crank up Country Grammar.    Shoe shopping?  Air Force Ones for motivation.  I love my St. Louis boy.

Saturday came fast, along with two VIP tickets (thanks, Adrienne), aviator sunglasses & the most ghetto hat I could find.  He, along with Chingy & Murphy Lee put on a GREAT show and both us may or may not have shed some tears when Nelly came on.  Front row.  Gold chains.  Diamond watch.  Otherwise known as paying cash, first class, sittin' next to Vanna White.

The evening shenanigans involved getting stern looks from his HUGE bodyguard, an autographed poster from our St. Louis boys, a 3 am diner breakfast with some drag queens & a 911 call.  Turns out white vans with no windows parked next to you can be a tad scary.

A - thanks for being my rapper wing man...there is no one else I would rather wear a bullet proof vest to a concert with than you (kidding.  Only crossed our minds once.)  And Nelly...thanks for the memories.  I got to cross that off my Life List. (#24)  I'll be blaring your tunes in the car now for the next 10 years days. 

Happy almost weekend...go holla at your friends & make one of your dreams come true!



  1. I LOVE Nelly!!! I'm just as excited that I found out you live near Indianapolis!!! Love your blog pretty lady :)


    1. Woo hoo - YAY for another Nelly stalker! :) Thank you so much!! Have a great weekend!


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