Sunday, September 29

Coffee Date Friday (Sunday edition)

Hey readers (if you're still out there?!)

I'm back from a blogging hiatus!  I wish I could say I have been filling my time volunteering at the local animal shelter or catching up on politics, but no.  Really I have just had a case of writer's block, followed by daydreams of new pumpkin recipes & multiple trips to Starbucks.  Welcome, Fall.  If we were having coffee today (let's switch things up to Sunday this week!) I would tell you...

1//  It's time for the Fall Bucket List.
      Campfires, scary movies & carving pumpkins are on mine...what about you?

2//  Speaking of pumpkin...the pumpkin pie blizzard is back at DQ.
      Goodbye healthy eating; see ya after Christmas.

3//  One of my favorite sounds on the planet comes from children sounding out words.
      It's that time of year in kindergarten &

4//  Girls shopping trips are good for the soul.  Period.

5//  It's been 10 months since we said yes to His plan & decided to adopt.  This can make even the most   patient of patient people impatient, lie awake at night, & try to convince herself of things that are no where close to being true.  Shame on you, late nights.

What would you tell me if we had coffee?

Have a pumpkin-y kind of week!

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  1. Yippee! You're back! I have missed your posts!!!! I love the fall too, my pumpkin cupcake candle is burning as we speak. My treat to myself today was a pumpkin/white chocolate cookie, yummy! And, I made trader joe's pumpkin bread, delicious! Think we are on pumpkin overload over here???

    As you know, I am waiting with you each step of the way!!! I remember those sleepless, impatient, high anxiety days like they were yesterday. God will provide in His time (darn, wish it were ours), and you will be one fantastic mama! Love you girlie!


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