Wednesday, May 29

The time that I painted curtains.

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was filled with fun, friends, family, food & any other good words you can come up with.  Preferably ones that start with F, I guess.  Mine was filled with all of those things.  I also declared it Carter Project Weekend.  We got several things done around the house and man does it feel GOOD.  It doesn't get much better than crossing things off your to-do list.  Ok....there are a lot of things better.  Like not having a to-do list to begin with.  Ahhh - a girl can dream.

The Carter Project Weekend consisted of installing under cabinet lighting, planting an herb garden, baking cookies for us co-workers & putting up curtains.

Curtains sound easy enough.  Except for I couldn't find any that fit the "vision."  You know, the ones you know will look SO good in your (insert room here).  I could have had them custom made, but I ain't got time for that!  This baby could come tomorrow & I just know they will be looking at the curtains first.  Ha.

So, I remembered that one of my close friends at school had painted her curtains & they looked major FAB.  While Devin was with his buddies at the race all day, I set out to do some project-ing.  If you are in the market for painting curtains, you will need...

You will also need an entire day to do this biznazz, which was not in the plan. 
Set everything up in the garage, tape your stripes (if that is what you want) & paint away!  I did two coats, & probably could have done three but my painting patience was gone.  Dry thouroughly & then beg your husband as soon as he walks in the door to hang them.  And, he did.  

Here is the finished product.  Pretty nice from a distance...just don't get too close.  Kind of like most things we know & love - they are better from a distance!  ;)

Photobomb by Libby.  

Already Wednesday.  2 more days to fill up until the WEEKEND.  I am filling one night up by delivering double chocolate chip cookie dough brownies to a new neighbor.  I sure hope the encounter doesn't end up like this one.

DC tested & approved.

I hope you are filling up the rest of your week with something good!


  1. LOVE the curtains! So impressed. I am so NOT crafty. Also, must have the recipe for the brownies. I have the biggest sweet tooth and could have chocolate everyday! Love ya!

    1. Thanks, girlie! They were kind of hard, so I'm sure I would do them again. Oh well! I will email you the brownie recipe! Love ya!


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